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So many people are committing suicide, are in depression and going through so many things but this song carries such a strong message for the “broken hearted” as Ricardo sings, to encourage everyone around the world to keep standing strong.

“You are my comfort, my source of life, everything will be alright, help me to hold on, to Breathe, Calm and Pray, everything will be ok”. These are the lyrics in the song rapped by David Keigh who reminisces the time when he wanted to give up on life and commit suicide.

This isn’t just another song, this is a conversation with God as the rapper communicates his frustration of trying to change, fighting pride and seeing his mother in tears which challenges David’s faith. Then singer Ricardo Rocstarr Williams balances the message by singing “I know things get real hard, you’ll either lose your faith in God but if you just Breathe, Calm and Pray it’ll be ok, he’ll make a way”.

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