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God Over Money artist Datin has been all the buzz these past few weeks as he prepares to release The Roar on February 12, 2016. Most recently he dropped Had Enough which featured labelmate Bizzle and he announced the album with the Off the Leash freestyle.

Official Tracklist:

  1. The Signs (Intro) [prod. by Tee-Wyla]
  2. Out of Time (ft. StefanOtto) [prod. by Tee-Wyla]
  3. Hallelujah All Day [prod. by Daniel Steele with additional production by Tee-Wyla]
  4. So Alive / Off the Leash [prod. by Tee-Wyla]
  5. Final Goodbye (ft. Sean C. Johnson) [prod. by Courtney Orlando FKA JR / Wes Pendleton]
  6. Through A Childs Eyes (ft. Dre Murray, Beleaf & Selah Tha Corner) [prod. by Wit / Tee-Wyla]
  7. Had Enough (ft. Bizzle) [prod. by Tee-Wyla]
  8. Giants Fall [prod. by DJ Shok / DJ Official]
  9. Hard (ft S.O.S.) [prod. by Silins Beats]
  10. Long Way Down / Are You Still There? (Poem by Genesis The GreyKid) [prod. by Dav D. & Tee-Wyla]
  11. He Is Here (ft. Sevin & Franky Bells) [prod. by Tee-Wyla with additional production by Fresh Fire]
  12. One Body, One Spirit – (Interlude) [prod. by Jay RHDN]
  13. The R.O.A.R. [prod. by Courtney Orlando FKA JR & Jason]
  14. Say That! (Outro) [prod. by Tee-Wyla]

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