DaeShawn Forrest – “Don’t Mind Me”

Here’s what the artist had to say about the track:

The song “Don’t Mind Me” was inspired by me finally understanding and realizing that there are just some things that are out of my control. And for me, it was a bit of a hard pill to swallow. It’s difficult when you want someone to make better choices for their wellbeing, but they decide to take different routes that ultimately have negative consequences. So, after feeling pretty disappointed in what had taken place I felt the need to just worry about myself and what God has planned for me. At the end of the day it’s my responsibility to make sure I’m completely right with God. As much as I might care for a particular person, I have to continue to make sure that I’m operating in God’s will for my life and I can not allow somebody else to hold me back.


Listen to DaeShawn Forrest below:

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