da truth unplugged cover

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Unplugged is a live album that encompasses songs from The Big Picture, Whole Truth, Heartbeat and Normal is Overrated. The project is refreshing, intimate and captivating. No 808’s, No Turn up, just good music and God focused HipHop.

Pre-Order on iTunes: https://h20.me/1AgTa9t

Official Tracklist:
1. Bully (LIVE)
2. Ain’t Going Back (LIVE)
3. Change the World (LIVE)
4. Beyond the Music – (Change) (LIVE)
5. J.I.F.E (LIVE)
6. Great Wall (LIVE)
7. Beyond the Music (Great Wall)
8. Forgiveness (LIVE)
9. Fantasy (LIVE)
10. Standing O (LIVE)
11. Beyond the Music (Ugly Love Part 1)
12. Ugly Love (LIVE)
13. Beyond the Music (Ugly Love Part 2)
14. Stop Playin (LIVE)

Watch Da’ T.R.U.T.H. perform “Great Wall” live.

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