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First off let me start by saying, He is really bringing the News on this Album. It felt like I was really sitting down reading a great news paper with a lot of “excitement”. He brings the Word.

Read All About It- This is a great front page intro. He’s introducing himself to the world as a man that has his mind focused on Christ and is here to put the Great Word on your front porch that would impact your life. He goes off of Roman 10:15 which is an awesome verse to let lead you.

Good News- He is explaining how he got that good news, that you need to get into. In this track he’s talking to the people stuck in the world, stressing about everything that’s going on. But he has that good news that will change your life around. He’s saying that the Good News is right in front of your face. He’s letting you know about somebody that went through the same things and overcame it.

The Great feat. T word- Now I knew this track was go hard cause T-word was on it. PaperBoy comes in hard on these verses, going off on everyone who calls them self the best. Letting them know His God over rules everything. (Wow) T-Word comes in very strong! He comes off in the verse saying “1 for the Christ, 2 for the Lord, 3 for the Spirit and they all on Board. Defines one accord in the Body of Christ. Now that’s great. They are putting everyone who consider themselves on top on “blast” and letting you know there isn’t nothing or no one greater Then God. No need to say more.

Interview feat-Thi’sl- He is just sitting down explaining to people how his name came to be and what exactly the Good News is that he is bringing to our people.

They Need It- A lot of people can relate to this track. He starts off by letting you know how this guy was confined by the world and because of things he was taught he grew up to not trust anoyone. He was boss of the hood but had to watch his back. Perfect story of how you can have everything in the world but without God someone can easily end all of that. Then he goes into talking about his friend Shaunte. She’s a woman who had a 1 year baby and is struggling to make it day by day. Her family just disowned her. He’s hoping that one day she’ll trust God. She believes that money is all she needs. She doesn’t go to Christ for help even once. She lived life on a mission. Da PaperBoy lets it be known without Christ she will lose. He calls out for somebody to really bring the people in need some Good News. He’s letting it be known we have to stand up now and save our people.

Be Me- This talks about him dealing with himself and asking God to relieve him from his negative thoughts about himself. Dealing with overcoming what people say he would never be. And at the same time letting it be known he’s just going to let God guide him. He doesn’t need to be anyone else because God needs a PaperBoy. And that is what he has been called to be!

Shake It Off- On this track he is basically saying that no one  is going to stop him from spreading the Word of God. If someone doesn’t want to listen he  is just going to  shake it off and go on to the next one, until the day he is called home. This has to be one of my favorite tracks.

Success-This is a Nice Freestyle letting it be known Success is only found in God. I’m Blown away by this. Perfect way to end this Album.

Standout Tracks Are: The Great, They Need It, Success

Final Note- This was A good concept album.”Read All About It” gave you the beginning, middle and the end. Da PaperBoy is a Humble man of God that brings Gods word forth with a lot of passion. I believe there’s much greatness that will come from Da PaperBoy. Please Support this movement. I’ll be looking out for more.


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