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D-Tropp is the youngest member of Generation S.W.A.G.G but don’t let his age fool you. At the young age of 19, D-Tropp’s passion and fire for God and building the Kingdom is unparalled. D-Tropp gives a solid debut with his freshmen project, “The Comeback”.

1.Coming Home- Tropp starts The Comeback mixtape with this hot track! Tropp has a unique sound which really ties in seamlessly with the hard guitar and synth driven production on this track. D-Tropp is an open book on this track admitting his wrong and his shortcomings but ensuring all the people who he let down that he is coming back harder than ever. The difference this time he is putting Jesus Christ first and letting him lead. This should be all of our prayers as we walk through life daily!

2.Critics- D-Tropp doesn’t miss a bet as he addresses the critics and everyone else who has ever come against! D-Tropp addresses his past, his family life and the beginning stages of his rapping career. D-Tropp makes it clear that he is not in this to please the critics but he does this strictly for Jesus. Once again D-Tropp shows his transparency admitting that he is not perfect but each day he strives to get better and live for Christ!

3.Feel Love- D-Tropp changes pace on this track and addresses matters of the heart! D-Tropp speaks on being in a one way relationship and not getting love back from a girl who he has feelings for! We have all been here so it’s encouraging to hear someone speak on this because we have all gone through it! But the great thing is D-Tropp shows us that true love comes from Christ so no matter what we should find happiness in that fact.

4.Michelle- This is probably one of the most sincere tracks on this mixtape. D-Tropp emotionally rhymes over the Drake track as he addresses his feelings on his estranged mother. In addition to talking about his mother D-Tropp also shows us his struggles. He explains to us the things that hold him back and cause him to slip up! I commend him for this because not many Kingdom Artists today can be as transparent as D-Tropp on this mixtape. D-Tropp also exemplifies Agape Love in telling his mother that in spite of everything he still loves her. That is what Christ shows us. Love no matter what!

5.Listen- This is a wonderful reinvention to the famous song, “Listen To Your Heart”. D-Tropp encourages the listeners to listen to their heart and accept Christ in their lives! This is one of the freshest ways to offer the “Altar Call” to the listener. D-Tropp really delivered on this track and I know that it will bless someone and get them thinking about listening to the voice of Christ and accepting him!

6.Changed feat. Just Jones– This is one of my favorite tracks on this project. D-Tropp and Just Jones address the subject of change. This is a topic that needs to truly be addressed. It seems like everyone these days always says, “this year is going to be different” or, “I’m really going to change my ways”. But at the end of the day things remain the same and people tend to fall back into the same patterns as they previously have. D-Tropp encourages the listeners to embrace true change. To be the change that they speak of. He’s calling for us to make our change to be more than just words!

7.The Show Goes On- This is one of D-Tropp’s most lyrically strong tracks of the projects! He encourages us that no matter what happens, no matter what comes our way, we have to keep going. He’s tells us that God has our back through it all and reminds us that the Show Must Go On! This is truly an encouragement to anyone who is going through and feels like they are at the end of their rope.

8.Green Light feat. Just Jones- D-Tropp ends the mixtape with one of his first songs, Green Light! This song is a great way to end the project and I really enjoy listening to it after all the time that I have had it in my music library.

D-Tropp gave a solid debut effort and has proven that he is going to be a fixture in Kingdom Music. I applaud this young man because he is 100% open about his failures, his struggles and the matters of his heart. His music is truly sincere and sincerity is a must when ministering to the masses. This is truly just the beginning for D-Tropp. If you haven’t already downloaded this mixtape it is a must. I also want you all to push it out to all your friends and tell them about this young brother! 2011 will definitely be a year of increase for D-Tropp. Until Next time!


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  1. ben wakefield

    D -Tropp, love how you take instrumentals from popular songs and mix them into positive songs, keep it up and keep me posted!
    God Bless-

  2. t-flAM3Z

    yo bruh love the mixtape, keep it up im t-flAM3Z by the way i would love to get yu on my mixtape. but God Bless

  3. Jeff Lillie

    Dude! This tape is toooooo good! You really did great man. Music really grabs you, lyrics are compelling, the Spirit shines throughout. It’s personal, heart felt, and totally honest. Man dude, this is inspirational stuff. Def compels you to go hard for the Lord. Blessings to you and your efforts. God is speaking through you and it caught my attention.

  4. Annette


    Good Job, like FOREAL
    – ORIGINAL Beats ( for the most part lol )
    Just what i been looking for. Keep reppin’ our king. your music is very encouraging ! God bless

  5. D-Tropp

    Thank you all so much for the support! Love you all! Hit me up on twitter! @D_Tropp ! I’d love to keep in touch with ya’ll! Also my facebook is David ‘D’ Tropp!

  6. Hetore Hernandez

    hola David me gustan tus cansiones!!
    Que Dios te cuide la voz para que dures muchos años
    cantando para el.

  7. David Emerson

    Not sure if you’ll even get this because the old posts are from a year ago, but I really appreciate the music you’re making bruh. Keep goin hard for Jesus. Can’t wait to see you in Heaven fam. Be blessed.


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