There’s been a lot of talk about D. Tropp’s direction upon the release of his new music. We decided to get to the bottom of it and reach out to D. Tropp directly.

What inspired the creation of Love You More?

At first it was going to be a two-part album. Away from Home depicted my struggles and then Love You More was going to continue the story. In a sense it did pick up where I left off, but it became just a body of work rather than a theme. I wanted this record to be more authentic. A closer look into who I am on a regular basis. Ultimately the goal was to make music to make people feel confident in themselves.

There’s a lot of talk about the direction of your music after you dropped “Crew is Better”, can you shed some light on where you plan to take your music?

Best way to describe it is this… I went to go see The Purge when it first came out because I love those kinds of movies. I went into it thinking it was a scary movie. I ended up hating the movie because it was more of a thriller than a scary movie. Had it been under the genre of thriller I would have known what to expect and might have liked the movie better. Same thing with my music. If I label it Christian hip-hop… People will dislike it because it’s something else. It’s not completely Christian themed music. So people are going to feel tricked into listening based on how I categorize it. Rightfully so! I don’t blame people for getting upset. But for my overall vision “Crew is Better” was exactly what I wanted it to be. Sounds like something you’d play in a club rather than something you’d show your struggling Christian friend, right? That was the point. I wanted a song that could be played in the clubs. Not just for the sake of it, but to help expand my platform. When I got the beat from Metro Boomin he at the time had the number one record in the country… Tuesday ft. Drake. I actually spoke with Metro personally. It was the biggest connection I’ve ever made even if it was just brief business talk. The thing is I didn’t always have a vision to be involved in the mainstream industry. It wasn’t like I wasn’t getting shine in CHH so I made the transition… Or wanted to use my CHH fans to help me transition. That wasn’t the case at all! I realized over time that my vision is much bigger than music. I have a very unique life story that makes it impossible to deny God after hearing it. Music is not the only platform I see myself telling people what God did in my life. To me music is a tool that is helping me gain a platform where my story can be heard the clearest.

For years you’ve speculated on your birth mom in your music. Recently you were actually able to meet her. What was that like and what was going through your head?

It was a dream come true. The piece that has always been missing in my life was found and I can’t even describe how fulfilling it was. All my life I’ve wanted to meet her, but was scared of her not wanting to meet me or not being alive. So in fear of those two outcomes I never truly tried to find her. Last summer I was talking with my mom about it and she told me I needed to just pray for God to reveal to me when and if I should contact her. Couple months ago I received a letter from the adoption agency saying that she had contacted them wanting to meet me. I have never experienced a more clear answer to prayer in my life. It was such a blessing.

Even before this album release, 2015 has been a big year for you. Is moving to Miami a power move?

Yeah it is. The crazy thing is I’m currently a bellman at a resort. I make minimum wage and you know what? It keeps me humble. I’m not afraid to be completely honest because I know this is all part of God’s plan. I’m throwing an album release party at a club in downtown Miami… Guess what? At the end of the day I’m still a bellman. However, I’m signing my first contract this month and scheduled to move to Miami on May 1st. That’s when my dreams will really start to be woken. This move means the world to me because it’s not just talk anymore. It’s actually happening.

At the end of 2015, where do you want to see yourself?

Ultimately I’m hoping to be traveling and doing more shows. I’m already working on the next project and it’s going to be so crazy. A complete change in style. Love You More will always mean the most to me though. It’ll be the first album I got to show my birth mom. Lord willing it’ll be the last album I do completely independently. I had no manager, no overseers, nobody helping me pay for expenses except my dad. I recorded it entirely while living alone at my parents’ lake house in Wisconsin. At the end of 2015 I’m just excited to be in a different place in all ways. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, musically. I’m 23 years old and still finding who I am as not only an artist, but also as a person. I’m not perfect… My music doesn’t hide that and it will never hide that. I just pray that I keep encouraging people to be confident in themselves and find their purpose. When people stop being encouraged and inspires by my music is when I’ll stop.

D. Tropp’s album Love You More is now available for pre-order on iTunes ( and will release on March 31.

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Listen to “Crew is Better” below. Are you looking forward to this album?

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  1. bradywatkins77

    newH2O D_Tropp I love this article about you! Gives us a nice tiny perspective Into your thoughts! Always gonna support you man!!

  2. robkbizz619

    See the growth in your music, I get you talk about life situations from a christian  perspective and im cool with that, but for some it might be a lil edgy, also people here it for the 1st time and they ask “is this christian music?”  so are you going mainstream now? 
    Man keep grinding and doing Gods will for your life and be mindfull what u feed your fan base, you either feeding the flesh or the spirit, God Bless


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