D. Tropp has released his second album in less than one year. Love You More is Tropp’s sophomore album and the title was named in honor of his mom who told him that every day before she adopted him.

Buy Love You More on iTunes: https://h20.me/18DNz5g

Buy Love You More on Amazon: https://h20.me/1GHOFuy

In a recent interview with New H2OD. Tropp revealed details on where he’s moving to, why, and what inspired him to create this album. He also had a few words for the “haters” who are calling him out on his new found direction.

Official Tracklist:
1. Lake House (Prod. by Gordon Beats)
2. Backlash ft. JG (Prod. by Christian Sager)
3. Crew is Better (Prod. by Metro Boomin)
4. Dirty Sprite / Las Vegas ft. Radio Roman (Prod. by Christian Sager & D. Tropp)
5. Love You More ft. SPZRKT (Prod. by Super-Duper)
6. Sundown (Prod. by Christian Sager)
7. Miami Dreamz (Prod. by Swade)
8. Airplane (Prod. by Gordon Beats)
9. Starlight (Prod. by Gordon Beats)
10. Proud of Me ft. Marissa Jerome (Prod. by Anthony Cruz)
11. Rare Form (Prod. by Beatboy)
12. Only Time Will Tell (Prod. by Christian Sager & Chris Morgan)
13. Good on You (Bonus Track) [Prod. by Beatboy]

Yesterday D. Tropp released the visual for “Backlash.” Watch below.


D. Tropp has released two singles from Love You More. Check out “Sundown” and “Crew is Better.”


Sonically D. Tropp is in a different realm with this album. Do you like where D. Tropp is headed with Love You More? Answer in the comments below.

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