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5 Responses

  1. HolyTerror

    keep runnin’ the race brother!

    keep that fire!!

    no religion, just Jesus. i dig it! hot beats! 🙂

  2. bomb boy

    yo this is fire the hook really hit me i been in a crossroad didn’t know wit to do but the hook says it follow his will amen

  3. RawnReal

    i said it before n i’ll say it again, each song is an improvement upon the last!

    the whole package has improved; better lyrics, better flow, better music, production, etc.

    keep pushin!

    we’re the Saints of the underground.

    whats up Paul! 🙂

    lets get em Soldier for Christ 🙂

  4. J.Murph

    Get em Tropp! Give em the Glory Bru I See It! im feelin it manyne lets keep it movin for da kingdom! #Okim


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