Favorite Tracks: No Filter (Ft. Ab-IV & John Givez), Said & Done, For The Moment, Away From Home

Has anybody been rocking with D. Tropp since his very early mixtapes dropped? Residing from the outskirts of Chicago, D. Tropp presents his debut album Away From Home.

Overall, the album is very authentic to what D. Tropp faces or has faced within his past. Whether it is girls, partying, drinking, he doesn’t shy away from the truth. The album is relatable, and that’s what makes it great.

Some of you may have first heard of D. Tropp from his single with SPZRKT on the song  “Misbehave”. The song currently has 42,000+ plays on SoundCloud. Many people know of D. Tropp as the artist who talks about relationships. Well I can’t say he goes the other direction with this album, because he definitely expresses his feelings about his experiences with women.
Talking about break ups, temptations, and our struggles is not the easiest thing to do, especially as a believer. For some reason, us believers, think that is something we can never talk about. Though we cannot deny that these conversations are talked about quite regularly.

If you have ever listened to the artist known as Drake, you would know that a good portion of his music raps about women. Now I believe D. Tropp is similar to Drake in that sense, even sonically; and in songs like ‘Said & Done’, ‘Choices (The Break-Up)’, and ‘Misbehave’ are prime examples of his true feelings.

We all been hurt so we hide ourselves and we just peek from the curtain, or we just give our hearts to anyone even though we never let them earn it. / I know that you been missin’ love, you been so deprived, true love aint’ hard to find but sometimes its harder to find.

The person who has gone through hard situations such as break ups or perhaps have been mistreated through relationships may have a better connection with the album. Though I do not want to mislead ANYONE from getting the album because of his or her thoughts that this album is solely for the person with “dating experience”. D. Tropp gives an album to ride to, that also pushes you to pursue your dreams no matter what is holding you back; while still addressing the issues and desires of the heart. Again, making it relatable.

Let me say one thing, do not underestimate him, D. Tropp is definitely on his way to making a dent in CHH with a very tough album from a production and sonic perspective. To end, this is only the first part of a two-part album that D. Tropp is currently working on.

Away From Home (Tracklisting)

1. United Center
2. The Drive
3. No Filter (ft. AB-IV & John Givez)
4. Authentic
5. Choices (The Break-Up)
6. Said & Done
7. Champagne Showers
8. Misbehave (ft. SPZRKT)
9. For The Moment
10. Away From Home

Go and purchase D. Tropp’s album on iTunes here! – https://h20.me/1llw1vu

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