May 13th, 2014 marks the date that D. Tropp will release his debut album Away From Home. He announced his first single The Drive featuring Elhae via Instagram and that will drop March 17.

D. Tropp describes the foundation of his album and what brought him through it:

2013 was probably the hardest year of my life. My senior year of college was more of a transitional period rather than a, “last hurrah.” I felt distant from my closest friends, I was cheated on by the girl I fell in love with, and I felt the pressure to be successful in the music industry. All of this resulted in a depression that lead me down the wrong road. I started drinking more… smoking more… and spending a lot of nights with different women. Feeling depressed is almost like being homesick, and that’s exactly how I felt. When we accept Christ into our hearts we belong to Him. He becomes our home. During my depression I ran from Him instead of ran toward Him. In the toughest of situations it is absolutely vital that we stay at home with Him, rather than wander outside. I wanted to tell this story in the most honest and relatable way possible without sugarcoating anything. I also wanted to include some of back-story: Being adopted into a white family and the difficulties of living in a predominately white community. This album is about my life. These are real life situations that I went through. Real stories that I want to share with the world because I believe it will be beneficial.

Although the content takes you through a dark time in my life, the music itself is more up-tempo. I wanted to give you a different sound from what you’ve heard from me in the past. I received production from both secular and Christian producers. DZL was the first producer I linked up with on the album. He co- produced Lecrae’s, “Lost My Way,” and is a producer for Kid Ink. I also received production from Cardec Drums, Tyshane, and some other great producers. On this album I greatly improved my singing style as well as my rapping style.

Away From Home album is part 1 of a 2-part series. Part 2 will be titled Love You More with a release date yet to be confirmed.

Not familiar with D. Tropp? Listen to his music here:

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