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Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, D.T.S. Is not your average Christian rapper. He lives to promote the hope that is in Christ Jesus. From his hometown Chicago, IL to the various regions he travels, he wants the world to know that nothing is impossible with God. His goal and desire is to help people live by faith.

Blending the sound of rap music with passionate sincere lyrics, he creates testimonial and biblical songs to beats that drive your emotions on a reflective journey. D.T.S. music career really started when he was a youth pastor. His heart was troubled knowing that the kids he was teaching were being entertained by things that taught the opposite of the bible. His exact words were, “I need to create something so they can have an alternate version of music to listen to”.

Currently D.T.S. Just released his new summer anthem “I Do This ft. Point Ash” produced by DFree. He also is working on an EP with the goal to go on his first tour and to continue to share his faith. Whether he’s making music, teaching at his church or hanging with families and friends, he always striving to encourage people in Christ.

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  1. Kenisdts

    Thank you guys so much for always showing me love and support, God bless!

  2. kenisdts

    newH2O MCPointAsh thank you guys for supporting me from day one! I love ya’ll!!!

  3. kenisdts

    newH2O MCPointAsh thank you guys so much for the continued support. Words can’t express how I feel!


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