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D Kidd has this to say about Concierge:
“I Battled with this for a while. whether to release this song a couple of brothers and my self collaborated on or not. Because i felt it was “too transparent” on a couple situations in my life personally. Like me battling the feeling of neglect, not knowing who my father was from birth and there after becoming a man, pride, hurt, and hate in my heart, attempting to cope with all this with a craving for “attention” from popularity or women…

After being saved shortly before my 21st birthday, I found that God’s promises to heal my heart and remove the impurities I had only came by me being willing to allow God to have COMPLETE control of my life.

See, i’ve come to the realization that your testimony of over coming will help others to realize that they don’t struggle alone and they THEY TOO can over come any obsticals. WE ALL have baggage… some of us come with more than other.. but i do know one thing. God promises that if we bring all of our problems to HIM.. He WILL carry them for us. It WILL get better… but we have to allow him to do what he does best… BE OUR SHEPARD, GOD, LEADER, ALL IN ALL… until we are tired of trying to do things on our own, we will continue to struggle. Just because u are saved doesnt mean you wont have troubles, and if you aren’t, you just haven’t realized yet who is there to help you with your troubles.”

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