Listen to the single and you can download for free below.

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  1. Megan Beach

    I absolutely LOVE this song! Let me know when your crew posts something new!!!

  2. Diana Thompson

    Woohooo! This song is SICK!!! Love, love, LOvE IT!! Can’t wait for what’s in store for yall in the future.

  3. Tarra Hill

    Loving this song and the beat. Can’t wait to hear them live @ Creatures Cafe Feb 24th 9p!!!

  4. William Powell

    Catchy song keep on representing Jesus Christ and remember that it is not about the beat about who you do the beat and song for and that is Jesus Christ. God bless.

  5. Pat Hill

    Impressive. Keep God first and remember there will be naysayers. Stay focused and give Him the praise.


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