The persecution of Christians has never been more prevalent around the world than it is now. Compassion International, a Christian charity that allows people to sponsor children around the world says they are facing pulling out of India. The cause for this is that the Indian government is no longer allowing them to transfer money to India. They’re running out of resources. The lead attorney, Stephen Oakley for Compassion International said, “What we’re experiencing is an unprecedented, highly coordinated, deliberate and systematic attack intended to drive us out.”

Compassion International has been a ministry in India since 1968, where it now has 580 development centers reaching roughly 145,000 children. Due to the regulations they are now facing, all 145,000 of those kids are at risk for losing their sponsorship. India accounts for 8% of the entire ministry where they in total help 1.9 million children in 25 different countries. They send $50 million per year in humanitarian aid to India for children living in extreme poverty according to Compassion chairman Ed Royce.

In 2011 India passed a law that allowed them to regulate NGO’s that they disagreed with philosophically. This was just the start, once they elected Narendra Modi, who has been known to restrict religious freedoms quietly, more regulations took place. Compassion CEO Santiago Mellado wrote, “In a secret order issued in February, India’s Ministry of Home Affairs [MHA] blocked Compassion from transferring funds to the development centers.” This has been the primary reason for their difficulty to keep their ministry alive in India.

Pray for Compassion International and pray for the children who are facing their lives being drastically altered by their government’s laws against Christian works.


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