Colton Dixon – A Messenger | Review

February 3, 2013


Colton Dixon – A Messenger | Review

America, this is Colton Dixon. For 7 weeks Americans around the Nation heard Ryan Seacrest introduce the 21 year from Murfreesboro, TN. Colton Dixon was known for his flashy style but his impeccable stage presence and unique sound. Most of all Colton Dixon proclaimed his faith and love for Jesus Christ week after week. Despite not breaking past the Top 7 of Season 11 of American Idol Colton Dixon has made waves by being signed to EMI-CMG/Sparrow Records, performing on the Ellen Show, The Today Show, The Tonight Show and the latest Passion Conference. Colton has now released his debut project, “A Messenger” and has delivered a very solid effort that exceeded many expectations that he set on the show.

Usually I’m not really into this genre of music and I will start by saying this is not your typical Christian Rock project. Colton did something special with this. He made an amazing Christian album but also at the same time made it marketable for all to enjoy. One of Colton’s musical inspirations is The Fray and you can tell by the way he approaches his songs, inspirational songs that point you to Christ without necessarily screaming the name of Christ throughout the track. A brilliant track that truly showcases his songwriting capabilities is “Scars”. It talks about how scars reminds us of who we are, where we came from and lets us learn from our mistakes. But he goes on to tell us that Christ will be there to heal all scars no matter what they may be. Colton perfectly transitions into another standout track entitled, “Rise”. Once he again he delivers encouraging, inspiring and uplifting lyrics. He says, “When your heart is cold/And when you feel you’re letting go/You can rise above the world below/Rise tonight/You can rise tonight. Sometimes in life we do feel shut off to the world around us and knowing that no matter what to be reminded that we can rise is what keeps us pushing. My two favorite tracks where I feel that Colton stands out most is, the lead single, “You Are” where Colton expresses his love for God. He says, “you are the song I’m singing, the air I’m breathing, and the hope I am needing.” This is an amazing worship song and a great way to start off you devotion time. I also loved “Let Them See You”. This song embodies what our cry should be. Colton laments that in all we do that the people around us see Christ through us and become drawn to us. That is the goal of our Christian life. To be a light in dark places.

This project really doesn’t have too many misteps. Vocally Colton Dixon impresses as he showcases a pretty amazing vocal range. I would say that that lead track, “Noise” doesn’t fit the rest of the project just because of the high energy rock drive of the song. It’s less worship and more noise, no pun intended. But like I previously said overall this is an amazing album especially for a drbut project. I truly believe that the sky is the limit for young Colton Dixon and I feel that he will be a mainstay in the Christian Rock/Worship genre. Personally I think he is the 2nd coming of Chris Tomlin and feel that he can definitely match the success and longevity of Mr. Tomlin’s career. This is a CD that you will put on, not skip a track and want to play on repeat all day long. There’s something for everyone on here. “A Messenger” leaves us with a powerful message. It’s leaves us with a message of hope, inspiration and reminds us that no matter what, we always have Christ in our corner. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time and I hope that it blesses you like it did for me.

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