A lot of Christians seem to think they get a free pass to judge in the following areas: Politics, sexuality and anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. I often contemplated, why are Christians so hateful? It’s common to hear when gathering with believers, “I’m not going to Starbucks anymore. They support gay marriage.” or “Thank God for Chick-Fil-A to fight against the gay community.” I’ve even heard statements like these within my own family.

If you’re feeling a little bit of conviction right now and think that I’m calling you out, you’re right. I am.

Who you support with your money is up to you. The Huffington Post provided a list of 379 companies which I know a lot of you buy from. I’m not saying you need to support Starbucks or any of the hundreds of corporations who support gay marriage. I am saying that we need to use grace when given the opportunity to discuss matters you disagree with. As far as social media is concerned, Christians are the quickest to judge when it should be the opposite. Scrolling through my timeline I most often see Christian pages express the most hate. Obeying God does not entitle you to belittle or judge people who don’t agree with the way you see things.

Yes, God did say to share the Gospel and tell the world the truth of who He is. He also did say to love others as He loves us. Unconditionally. (John 13:34)

Whether you believe it or not, God does love gay people too. On top of that, there are Christians who are gay.

We all battle with sin. Some of us deal with lust, adultery, alcoholism, slander and homosexuality. Having homosexual feelings and acting upon them is a sin as anything else. For some reason, Christians believe homosexuality is an unforgivable sin. A lot of Christians believe all homosexuals will go to hell. Yes, homosexuals will go to hell but so will the people who commit any sin and don’t repent.

As most of you know, sin is a lifelong battle. How many times have you fallen back to your old ways? Just because you said you wouldn’t do it again, doesn’t mean you won’t. The devil knows your weaknesses and will stop at nothing to harm you. We all can overcome sin but that doesn’t mean we won’t fall every now and then.

I do believe in the biblical definition of marriage but I also believe in loving others. I have gay friends who are exposed to the Gospel through the way I live. I believe there are others who have not yet identified as being gay and are struggling around me as well. For me to spit hate against a group would cause for them to never trust me to be accountable for their actions. Accountability in the Christian walk is key and I would never want them to feel like I would judge them for being gay.

Christians need to learn how to debate. If you believe in something and others do not, Christians are quick to turn to hate when the opposing side isn’t giving into their beliefs. Not every person will see it the way you do. Hate is a form of ignorance and a lack of understanding of the beliefs you are trying to defend. How many times did God need to knock at your door for you to see the truth? I know for me it took quite a bit of tugging and pulling before I decided to give God full control.

I challenge you to love those who oppose you. You will have more opportunities to share what you believe in a loving environment. Stand firm in what you believe but also acknowledge the importance of others well being.

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

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  1. Johnathan Richardson

    I read in the article saying there are ‘gay Christians’. Last I checked, homosexuality was a sin thus Christians who identify as homosexuals are not actual Christians. Still we should not hate them but if they do tell us to support them, personally we shouldn’t. There is a difference between hating them and not supporting them.

  2. Johnathan Richardson

    New H2O Yes but those who willing sin and do not seek forgiveness from God are not actual Christians and will spend eternity in hell as a result of not obeying the Lord.

  3. New H2O

    I wouldn’t assume people who are gay are not seeking forgiveness. They struggle with an issue like any one of us struggles with different sin in our lives.

  4. Johnathan Richardson

    I agree. However, the ones who try to persuade others that it is okay to be homosexual are indeed not seeking forgiveness. So some aren’t seeking forgiveness but some will. I know Jackie Hill Perry was a lesbian before she found God and so that is one example of someone who did seek forgiveness and was willing to change.

  5. New H2O

    Johnathan Richardson yes I would say that is true. I wasn’t saying all people who are gay are Christian just like all people who sin aren’t Christian. The point of the article is to inform others to be more sensitive because you really don’t know the sins people struggle with on a day to day basis.

  6. Johnathan Richardson

    As Christian’s we should all confess our sins to God and work with Him on getting rid of those sins. We should hate what people do, not the people themselves. The people are good people yet the things they do and the reasons they do them may be the things that are bad. I agree with all you have said and I think that it was a good idea to inform people of this. Some people can be sensitive about the issue where as others completely ignore it. As Christians we should not hate people who sin as we are then sinning ourselves.

  7. obeyurmasta1

    I got a saying….If anyone desires to be righteous but does not build up strength…he knows nothing. Cause righteousness is strength, even the strength of good. If God gives you a sound mind be ready to put it too work. And if God purifies your heart show compassion. Fear and truth don’t know each other.
    So know where is your judgment? Be wise be fruitful sincere believers U0001f44d

  8. Shawn Richard

    We should not stone them because of there sin but we should love them and try to help them to change as we all should try to reach the lost.

  9. Shaun Michael

    So fat people(aside from a few certain medical conditions) cannot be Christians because gluttony is a sin? They actively practice the sin of gluttony and are unrepentant and not seeking forgiveness as it is their chosen lifestyle. There are several other “sins” we could throw out there as well. According to you this is sound logic?

  10. Shaun Michael

    Or are we cherry picking which sins in others we choose to get upset over?

  11. Johnathan Richardson

    Shaun Michael I always found that often obesity is more from laziness than gluttony (or both) and therefore may be sinful and not repenting for any willing sin is bad. If being fat is indeed a sin (I highly doubt it is, but being lazy and not doing as God instucts is) then they can’t be true Christians. However, that being said, who are we to judge them as only God knows where their heart is.

  12. hypercoyote

    Good article.  I’ll add that I think a distinction has to be made between the label people accept of ‘homosexual’ and the struggle some people face of ‘homosexuality’.  When I hear ‘Gay Christian’, I think of someone who has accepted that sin as a part of who they are alongside being a Christian and that’s going the wrong route.  But a Christian who struggles with homosexuality is a whole other thing.  To parallel this, think of a ‘Fornicating Christian’ vs a Christian who struggles with fornication.  The difference is whether the person is opposed to the lifestyle despite it’s draw on their life vs a person who has accepted it as a part of their life.

  13. Taylor Ricks

    Amen we don’t hate the person ! Continue to show Christ’s love U0001f60a

  14. Chancey Ussery

    So true. We are not the ones that should be judging. Let God do his work and we should mind our own business. God doesn’t want us to harm others even if we don’t agree with their lifestyles.


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