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  1. Chris B

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  2. Camo

    BEAST!! this mug go hard!! and dude certified truth merked that hook! im feelin ya 90’s style my dude!

  3. Ray Jr.

    love it. very transparent! stay with this 90’s sound because it fits you.

  4. Shyn3

    I am mind blown rite now B great mixtape lovin the lryics bruh bruh 100% fo me homie *BEAST* God Bless

  5. Chris B

    thanks! i really appreciate the encouragement! all glory to our God!

  6. tibby

    wow,keep up the good work god bless brother. thank you for making great christian music.

  7. Chris B

    glory to God!!!!!! and as long as the Lord instructs me to do so i will! thank you for the encouragement!

  8. David Taveras

    this is what im talking about i love this Mixtape god bless blessings

  9. FlippyJay

    I think this mixtape deserved to come into the featured mixtapes!

  10. FlippyJay

    @Chris B No problem, God is good, and your mixtape is amazing! Keep up the good work and rejoice in the Lord!

  11. nick

    for some reason when i heard just the first song i couldnt help but cry… AMEN to the songs man..

  12. Chris B

    Wow that’s powerful! God is miraculous! Truly! I’m so glad it reached you that deeply!

  13. Jay

    Chris….I gotta say, I’m lovin the mixtape bro!!! TeamJesus is def one of my favorites!!! Keep up ALL of the good work my dude!!!

  14. K.true

    Man, just a few weeks ago startin to sway, my LORD broke my fall. My fellow brother turn me on to ur mixtape. Thank u for keepin it real, ur messages penatrated, Gods using u, GOD BLESS.

    • Chris B

      wow bro aint God just SO GOOD?!?!?! thanks for the support and encouragement fam! Grace & Peace to you bro!

  15. Edward Moses

    My Brother (Chris B) doing his music for Christ, I Pray someone Life is affected by his Ministry!!!

  16. Cypher

    Yo bro, this mixtape is on point! Glory to God and keep on serving Him

  17. Michelle

    wow!!! i love this album… has a good flow to it. loving the east coast spice in this


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