Chad Jones LIVE Interview | Behind The Mic

June 4, 2014


  1. _ThatGirlLove_

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets Has he ever considered adopting?

  2. _ThatGirlLove_

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets How important is the discussion of abortion in the CHH, urban culture, minorities?

  3. _ThatGirlLove_

    newH2O IamChadJones RMGtweet How has being a husband and a father influenced your music?

  4. mattdisalvatore

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets when is he growing the beard back?!?! The public needs to know.

  5. _ThatGirlLove_

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets Why don't you eat pork or beef?

  6. LivefoHim

    What do you personally think is the message in you're music based off of what you've been through mayne?

  7. _ThatGirlLove_

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets one word to describe each labelmate

  8. mattdisalvatore

    newH2O IamChadJones rmgtweets his beard hasn't tweeted me in over a year. Chadjonesbeard it's a fact!

  9. LivefoHim

    And when you finna come up to Detroit???

  10. Kenneth Townsell

    what made him drop an EP instead of an album

  11. Pizza_Time

    Shaheed is a funny character, when did u learn to act?

  12. DiamondOnDaTrac

    EP is Bangin

  13. DiamondOnDaTrac

    Yo Chad have yall started voting on ya Problem remix contest yet?

  14. DiamondOnDaTrac

    what do yall look for in up in coming producers

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