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  • ricky


    Ricky Gervais v Stephen Colbert: Does God Exist?

    Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais is a well known and outspoken atheist. Talk show host and social commentator Stephen Colbert is a devout Christian. When Gervais appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert recently the convo turned to the existence of God. “So you believe in one god, I assume,” Gervais stated, “but there […]

  • shawn


    Testimony — WWE Hall-of-Famer Turned Actor, Shawn Michaels

    World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels reflects on his compelling and turbulent personal journey from the WWE wrestling ring to a co-starring role in the faith-based comedy-drama “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”. “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” tells the story of a Hollywood actor (played by Brett Dalton “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) forced to […]

  • eddielong


    Megachurch Pastor Eddie Long Has Died at 63

    Bishop Eddie Long, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, died Sunday morning. He was 63 years old. A statement released by the church stated that Long passed away Sunday morning after “a gallant private fight with an aggressive form of cancer.” Long had been battling health issues for several months. In September 2016, […]

  • gavin


    “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” Examines Welcoming and Judgement

    Does your church welcome newcomers openly and without judgement? Do you? Have you ever felt like a fish out of water trying to find your way when you go to a new church? Those are some of the questions raised by “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” opening in theaters this Friday, January 20th. This new […]

  • trump


    Who Will Be Preaching at Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony?

    Donald Trump has recruited the biggest, most diverse lineup of clergy to pray him into office since Ronald Reagan. The upcoming inauguration ceremony, Jan. 20, 2017, will feature both religious leaders who are friends and supporters of Trump as well as some religious leaders who have been less enthusiastic, even critical of the president-elect. Here’s […]

  • persecution


    2016: One Christian Martyred Every 6 Minutes

    In 2016 one Christian was martyred every six minutes. That’s almost 90,000 Christians who died for their faith last year. That’s the recent findings of the Italian research group, CESNUR, the Centre for Studies on New Religions. CESNUR is set to publish the full report next month, but that was the sobering report given by […]

  • malice


    No Malice Documentary Comes To Netflix

    Check out Netflix lately? “The End of Malice”, the 2016 documentary charting the course of Gene Elliott Thornton Jr.’s transition from rapper Malice to born-again Christian, No Malice has just become available. Thornton and brother/hip-hop mogul Pusha T made up the rap duo Clipse and were proteges of producer Pharell. They became known for lyrics […]

  • signs


    10 Times Church Signs Made You Do A Double-take

    1. When you need a Plan B   2. When it sounds like a plan   3. When you need to read it a couple times   4. When you’re allergic to nuts   5. When you’re texting and driving   6. When it makes perfect sense   7. When you know you’ve found your […]

  • grisham


    Pastor David Grisham REALLY wants to talk to your kids about Santa

    Merry Christmas. There’s no debate that Jesus is the reason for this season. The debate comes when you start talking about the role Santa Claus plays in our Chiristmas holiday and how that impacts Christian families. How do you keep the focus on Jesus while dealing with the presence of Santa? Do you tell your […]

  • pastors-money


    5 Pastors In America With Insane Net Worths

    The amount of megachurches in the United States has increased as well as the attendance in these churches. The heads of these churches and ministries are expected to be paid an income, however many receive far more than your traditional pastor’s salary. The net worth of certain pastors is well above $5 million. Many of […]

  • compassion


    Compassion International Is Being Forced Out Of India

    The persecution of Christians has never been more prevalent around the world than it is now. Compassion International, a Christian charity that allows people to sponsor children around the world says they are facing pulling out of India. The cause for this is that the Indian government is no longer allowing them to transfer money […]