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I really should be sleep right now but I have to write this review that many people have been pressing me to write. On Friday, October 1, 2010, Canton Jones leaked an intriguing new track titled “In Da Club” to various online Christian music media outlets. You have just heard this song and I’m sure many of you have had various reactions to it! Below are the lyrics to the now notorious new single from CaJo.


They done let them _______ in da club! Oh my God (x8)

Verse 1:

Oh my God! Look at all these _______ in da club

Look at all my _______ showin’ love

We done bought the bar _______ (‘zactly)

Tell the bar tender we _______ daiquiri’s

I wanna party _______. and I get a buzz off this music

Get high of of _______ when I feelin’ can’t loose it

Atmosphere is crazy everybody feel the same

And man if you ain’t feelin this you a certified lame

I came in the _______. One who sent me

Pullin’ up clean in an all black Bentley

Close the door gently, step out stuntin

We done covered all charges so everybody commin’

Long line outside, be patient, no skippin

Extra police in case _______ start trippin

Leave your _______ home and put your _______ away

Cause you don’t really need all that to party anyway


Verse 2:

Can’t stop ’em, so you might as well join ’em

_______ walkin’ ’round actin’ like they club owners

Even the DJ is with them _______

And when he yell, “Switch!” every _______ switches

Man. You either wanna be one, or be with one

You tryna figure out just how to get one

To come and talk to you; have a conversation

All these _______, in da club, tell me what’s yo’ hesitation

I see two over there, and three over there

And four in the back with they hands in the air

Unified (?) got much power

Laughin’ and gigglin’ like it’s comedy hour

My God! They done let them _______ in da club!

And them _______ is talkin’ to them thugs and showin’ love

And them thugs is askin’ and wonderin’ they tryna see

Where the party is gonna be the followin week, now we gon’ see


Verse 3:

Now ladies, now, now ladies, now now

Ladies. If you in da club let me hear you say, “Oh…..”

Now fellas, now, now, fellas, now, now

Fellas. If you in da club let me hear you say “Oh…..”


I believe Canton’s main intent was to invoke the exact controversy and conversations that are being portrayed on all the blog sites and Christian Music sites. When Lecrae first released his Rehab symbol everyone connected it with something evil. Lecrae chose not to give it an explanation right away. But when he did people began to calm down and stop making assumptions. Now what adds to the controversy of this track is some choice words that CaJo used on his God The Father mixtape. Canton using the words, “nigger” and “faggot” are still fresh in everyone’s mind so obviously “In Da Club” was going to turn heads and get people talking. But is this a Gospel song?

What I will say first is just because a song is talking about God (or the Good News) doesn’t mean God (or the Good News) is in the song. Not talking about this song in particular, just saying. But I do think that Canton’s intentions for this song were pure. Now keep in mind that’s coming from a Kingdom Artist whose approach is very different. Without giving too much away, I have a song in the works as we speak called Kryptonite Kiss. And it’s deep. The track is actually done by an artist who used to work with R&B singers Jeremih and J. Holiday. Some would say that it has a “Bedroom Sound” And I won’t deny the fact. But the lyrics is where it is at. If you were playing this song in the bedroom, listening to the message I’m giving through the lyrics you will immediately turn the song off and at least think about what you’re doing. And it’s just like with this song, without having an UNDERSTANDING of what’s actually being said (or not being said) it falls on deaf ears.

I’m reminded of Acts 8:30 & 31 with this. You see with Kingdom Music the message should be clear and evident. But at times the message may have to be explained. Unless this song is explained it’s effectiveness may not lie where it needs to be. And non-Christians and Christians alike may not understand what this truly means. And we all know confusion is never a good thing. I watched the interview with Mr. Jones and he explained this song and I can’t agree or disagree with his method. He says the song is about Christians being in the club. He says we need to even go into the clubs and saves souls. Show people that we can be out and have fun but not do what the world does. (May I add that there are many Christian Clubs out there and some see that as wrong also) Canton said that we are fisher of men and we have to go everywhere. We need to go to the highways and byways to spread the Gospel. He said that he purposely censored and bleeped words out because too many times we allow ourselves to let the world silence us.

Now one thing this song does is causes some serious self-examination time. A lot of people have been writing me to condemn Canton and also complain that he swears in this song. But you know what? Canton left blanks. PEOPLE have filled in those blanks. When I first heard the song I filled in the blank with Christians. My take on this is if you filled it in with a profane or vulgar word then you need to take a look at yourself and ask why is that the first word that came to your mind. The answer may be because that is the words that you constantly hear through the secular music you listen to. Or even, those are the words you allow to come out of your mouth on a daily basis. Just something to think about!

Another thing I thought about is, a lot of people on these blog sites have been pretty brutal about this song. And they may have some valid points. But the disturbing thing is, many Christians are IN THE CLUBS! Many Christians who have knocked this song are IN THE CLUB. And you guessed it right, many Christians aren’t IN THE CLUB to spread the Gospel. Now I’ll be honest, if one is not strong in their faith, then no they can’t effectively minister in the club. But can it happen? Yes.

Okay so I’ve hit a lot of points but where do I Preacher Boy stand? I definitely get where Canton is coming from and see his vision for the song. In his interview he said this is something he prayed about and sought the Lord for. He said he got the go ahead. Who am I to say this isn’t what he was supposed to do? You see Canton ultimately has to be accountable before the Lord. We have no heaven nor hell to put him in. All we can do is pray that what he does is of God and not of flesh. So do I think that this song can save a non-believer? No. Not at all. Because to a non-believer this song sounds a lot like other stuff they listen to.

But really I think who Canton Jones made this song for is those who claim to be believers. Yuuuppp! Stick with me here. You see, I think he may have done this so we can reflect on our own lives. Why do we immediately think of profanity when the word went blank? One reason could be that once the Kirk Franklin and Lecrae stops playing are ears and minds are flooded with sounds from Kanye, Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Something to think about. Or maybe he wrote it to all those club going Christians. There’s a lot of them out of there. Believe me I know, I was one of them. Maybe it’s to convict them or just to get them thinking. What are you doing in the club first of all. And if you are there are you trying to win any souls? Or are you simply conforming. I’m just throwing ideas out there to you all! In the end I enjoy this track but I’m not sure if it will save a soul of the lost. But I do believe that this track definitely get people thinking. It already has spurred a lot of conversations. I really want to hear your thoughts so PLEASE comment and let us know what you think. Until ___________ time!

_________ God, _________ Music, _____________ Life (The word is LOVE)

Preacher Boy

Canton Jones explains the song:

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  1. Felicia


    • Miss J

      @Felicia, that’s precisely the issue. It wasn’t made for you! Not EVERY Christian based song/artist is going to make stuff for the sanctified and ‘righteous’ Christian, they have to reach out to lukewarmers cos they are the ones God will spit out – Revelations 3:16.
      Don’t condemn just cos he’s not talking to you.

    • paul

      he’s a Christian i love how all the Perfect sinless people say he’s not a christian for this song lol good idea fight Canton and not the devil lol. the song is hard and he saying Christians need to be in the club. i bet David was not saved when he danced until he was naked……

  2. Jamese Redrick

    Umm..I wanted to go to the club after hearing it lol. I think its a hot song, I deff. would not put it under the “gospel” genre though.

  3. Mistye

    What was the purpose of him making that song? Did the Holy Ghost inspire those lyrics? Did the gospels? Pauline epistles? The prophets? Did people get saved off of that song? Did people leave the clubs to get saved after hearing that song? Canton is straddling the fence and trying to make more sales. There is NO REASON ON EARTH why he should have wrote that song. It’s not pure evil, but it is 100% unnecessary and unfruitful. If God wouldn’t play it in the throne room, then why would He want to hear it down here. He’s encouraging lukewarm behavior. You wouldn’t catch Paul trying to be all jazzy at the club. Being in a club is not inherently evil. It’s just a building. But it’s not representing Jesus. Jesus needs new PR if Canton is the face of young Christians. He’s not a horrible guy, but the song was USELESS and was only meant to fulfill the flesh. Sure there are Christians in clubs. But they are likely all lukewarm Christians.

  4. Jamese Redrick

    I just read like alot of reviews on this song, and its funny that so many people are trying to back him up. I’m not bashing him, like I said previously I like the song, but number one SCRIPTURE (that I listed below lol)says that God is not the author of confusion, and that all things should be done in order. Nooowww…if a person can’t listen to your song and automatically know that you are reffering to God…then what was the point? Most people are not trying to sit down and decipher a song, its either holy or its not. I’d like to see how this is classified as holy. Side note : What is up with this new age christians in the club thing ? lol. I mean, I guess people actually witness in the club now…but if I’m in the club..and someone comes up to me trying to witness first things first…how are YOU going to try to tell me that I shoudln’t be here, or anything about being holy, when you in the club with me?? Umm..yeah lol.
    1 Corinthians 14:33
    For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints
    1 Corinthians 14:40
    Let all things be done decently and in order.

    • Micah

      I hear you. And I’m not defending him at all. I’m simply presenting both sides of the argument. You know a lot of Christians go to the club to get there swerve on (I can’t believe I just said swerve). But they are the first to condemn someone for a song like this. Not talking about you. Reffering to a lot of alot of the blog sites I have visited. I’ll write more on this later!

  5. teisha Judah Dortch

    Wow…….I’m not getting the purpose but I could be missing something….I haven’t prayed about it! Everything isn’t what it seems with the naked eye or ear!

  6. youngsoul

    To 100% he used to be one of my fav..Artist who I felt like in every way lifted up God without a Doubt….But I fill like he went to Far with this song…See as Christians and being Saved and knowing who he is…we can fill in the Blanks and say there were Godly words there…but for the people who don’t know Christ takes it a totally diff way…and for us as Christains to be Confused about it,makes it a Problem….Cause it sounds like he saying other things in the blank Spot…I fill like A lot of Artist are getting out the Habbit of making sure they Listeners know who they Praising thru they songs…I. can’t go aganist him are down him yet until I hear a response….but I rather make sure I Praise God in ever song..then to make a song that sound like it can be wordly to be at the stop of the Charts…

  7. jMoe

    This is a hot track, no doubt about it. I like it, but I dont think it will get many people saved. I think of this track as kind of an attention getter. Cajo has always pushed the envelope on Kingdom music, and this is just him being him. Im with Micah and do believe he had good intentions, but some people may not be as open about this song.

    • Micah

      Amen! I def. agree with you brother! I also agree that you need to possibly join the New H2O team!

  8. Samantha Salazar

    Um all I’m gonna say is that its between him and God that’s that that’s why we shouldn’t listen to man because man will fail you just listen to Gods word and be very careful what you listen to and pay close attention then you will disern what is right and wrong that’s all

  9. 3xodus

    ay all i can say is the church is under attack, we need to pray for this brother. . . this is not GOD what so ever, his music was borderline secular anyway. . .he just leaned a lil too much to the left, naw he done jumped on the leftside

  10. brotha pain

    aint heard da song but i read da lyrics n……. naw dat aint da gospel where is the lord at in all this??(jus my personal opinion) i mean can we atleast get a scripture?!?! if the bible say conform not to the ways of this world how long do you have to be a christian to where dat dont apply to u???i used to hit da club up but guess what since i been redeemed i aint goin back aint nothin goin on GODLY in there i kno i done been!!! im tryn be like HIM not like dem how u gon get fresh got to da club and while u in there be tellin folk they need repent of the same thing u up in there doin man the great deciever dont sleep do he bottomline U CANT LIVE LIKE HELL AND MAKE IT TO HEAVEN TOO!!!!! come out from among them

  11. Jamar Rogers

    There are those who are called to the church….and those who are called to the world. Who am I to judge my brother and say what inspiration he did and did not receive from God?
    God is not religious. And if I recall, Jesus consorted and ate with prostitutes, liars and thieves. (Sounds like the club to me) If I also recall, the first miracle of Christ was changing water into ALCOHOL. Also…when the thief on the cross said he believed Jesus truly was the Son of God, he didn’t have to get baptized first, join a new membership class then make available his W-2s for his giving…no, Jesus told him He’d see him in paradise.
    Seems to me, that as Christians, we like to put God in a box and say how He can and can not work. Didn’t the Pharisees do the same thing to Christ?
    I am not a personal fan of the song…but I will say this…did it ever occur to anyone that this song isn’t for the church? Maybe this is the song that will bring that one person that hates church to a concert…and maybe, just maybe, God’s Spirit (Who far surpasses our ways and methods of doing things) will work on that person…
    I’m just saying…that God is so much bigger than denominations and the boxes we keep Him in. He’s pouring His spirit out on ALL flesh and if we’re not open to different methods, then we can very well miss out on what He’s trying to do.

  12. JB

    Good points in this conversation, maybe CAJO is trying to remind the Christian community that you can’t have it both ways. Let’s be real, a lot of us will go clubbin on Friday or Sat nite and then be in church on Sunday morning. And so this song should be convicting some folks on this type of straddling the fence lifestyle and keep in mind that the club isn’t the only way that we straddle the fence. For entertainment purposes, I like the song, but if you are one of those condemning Christians that takes the stance that it doesn’t glorify God, then ask yourself if I go to the movies and it’s not a Christian based movie does that glorify God, or if I watch TV and it isn’t a Christian based program does that glorify God? Or how about the magazines I read or even Youtube? Don’t just apply that stance to music, we have to be consistant. I stand by the principle of the scripture that says it’s not what goes in a man that defiles him but what comes out.

  13. natasha doreus

    people please do your research before you come and post on YouTube it makes you look like closed minded ignorant Christian’s he is saying that the Christian’s are taking over and people are reacting in shock …. if canton Jones music isn’t for you then do not listen you truly are not hurting him but he is helping someone with his music

    • Micah

      Amen sis! That definitely needed to be said. Christians.. I mean “Christians” need to stop this craziness. I’ve learned though, the people with the most criticsm or doing the LEAST kingdom work

  14. Shawn "SavingSouls" McFarland

    Why am I suprised that Mr. Envelope Pusha, I mean “Kingdom Pusha” Preacher Boy Butler would have no problems with this song. Let’s check this dudes fruit because his agenda has to be off if he’s supporting music like this. Canton Jones is lukewarm and God said if you are lukewarm he’s going to spew/spit you out. This music doesn’t glorify God. This isn’t going to save anyone. This music really offends me. As a real Christian I am SO APPALED that this song even came out! Do me a favor and send Canton’s trifling butt BACK TO THE CLUB!

  15. brotha pain

    next somebody gon tell us kanye west was led by the Holy Spirit to drop Jesus walks and it too is a great “gospel record”

  16. Derringua

    They Dont want__People To use___in theire music OW MY GOD!!
    cause when they do so people get___OH MY GOD!
    They Dont want__To hear the__news.OH MY GOD!
    They just wanna__and__in stead of__and lovin it they’ ll be__!!Oh MY GOD
    AM deff Feelin___one OH!MY GOD!
    cokfds(cryin on my knees fo dyin souls…)=)

  17. Pastor Moe

    It is easy to shift the blame of filling the blanks to the person listening. But that is a lame excuse.

    If he has a girl with a towel on her head and covering her breast to thighs and bare skin everywhere in a bathroom. Most would assume she was naked.
    Then all of a sudden she takes off her towel and she is in shorts and strapless top covered in paint.

    Would people be confused? Yes. Would they have thought something different? Yes.

    Or maybe put canton in a bed with his naked legs sticking out, and another pair of naked legs sticking out and all the rest of their bodies covered in blanket. Giggling and rustling is seen under the sheets.

    What will people thiink?

    suddenly his mother bursts inthe room and snatches the blanket off, and under the cover is canton with a flashlight shining on a book as he is reading a story to his younger sister.

    Innocent? the scene yes.

    But the trickery no.

    Why give the appearance of evil?

    People will get confused (who author’s confusion? not God)

    Not because of peoples lustful thoughts, but simply because that is the natural conclusion of the picture HE painted in his song.

    Don’t talk about being a lyricist whose job it is to paint Christ into peoples minds in one breath, then later say…that is THEIR dirty mind.

    “clubs”, “party houses”, “drinking establishments” are not new. In fact in biblical times (ironically) many tied these things into “religious” venues and practices, including temple prostitution.

    I don’t see Jesus or his disciples or the early church at any of these places “evangelizing”

    lets get educated young church.

  18. Ms Joseph

    I reckon he did intend it for the fun of seeing what people would say. It is definitely a spin-off on what blanks are normally used for. I think it is also very reflective of the world we’re living in, where people are afraid to talk about faith, or to even say words like ‘Christian’, ‘love’, and anything related to our faith in their songs. The artist, by virtue of what they do, always makes a comment about things, and I think that’s what Canton is doing – making a comment on the genuine shying away of Christians.

    Not every message is passed on directly. For the more artsy types, who study literature and stare at pictures in galleries for hours trying to decipher the meaning behind the brush strokes, it is actually very refreshing to have something artistically provocative within the gospel sector that we love. Is Christian music just about direct, furious rebukes, altar calls to repentance… or is it also about entertainment…? Surely Christians too want something they can ‘bump’ in their convertible, and generally enjoy without being too church-y about it…?

  19. Pink Latte

    First off, this makes me frustrated because who ever took out what was really being said in this song should be ashamed. All those blanks and bleeps is not in the originall song. It is saying “Christians in the club”. They are talking about a christian club. So yall need to get his album and listen to what the real message is.

    • Nick

      Please watch the Canton Jones video at the bottom of this post. This was a marketing stunt by Canton Jones. Canton Jones released this version of the song before the album version. It turned the internet into a uproar because Canton Jones wanted us to fill in the blank. Please watch the Canton Jones video and thank you for stopping by New H2O!

  20. Tromezy


  21. Mike A

    Yall are so judgmental….So what Jones did something different, God knows where his heart is, so why are any of you guys worried about his mission?? He did something different, not all everybody is going to enjoy what he made nor understand it…Keep Doing your thing Jones to me thats a hit…

  22. Sheena epps

    To call a song “Gospel” it has to be talking about the life, death, or resurrection of Jesus Christ, last time I checked; Is that not what Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were talking about, isn’t this why they are called the “Gospels”. Canton Jones song is great! I enjoyed it the first moment I heard it. No its not Gospel, but it is Christian Rap! Christian Music can come in any sound God inspires the person making it to come through; we keep putting his unfathomable power into a box. God created music like everything else and I KNOW that the sounds that can come out and from him are nothing like we have heard to date, but I believe these Christian artists are trying and doing a great job to bring his sound in every genre of music! Yes we should have discernment with everything we listen to and everything we watch, but we as Christians need to stop beating each other down whenever we thinking the artists/musicians are producing something secular when the majority of them are not. There is a big difference between constructive criticism & judging. Matthew7:1-5

  23. Eloxy

    I think this song is a breath of fresh air considering all the secular music with dirty lyrics out there, i was working on my computer listening to a compilation of christian songs a friend gave me, and once In Da Club came up, i stopped working, then played it again and again and again, i feel if you listen well, it can inspire you, for it re-enforces my belief that as christian’s with faith we can do and achieve anything (we can literally go anywhere and be seen, heard and lead people to the Lord) that’s how this song makes me feel (we are supposed to be the light in this dark world). Love it

  24. KristenCopeland1

    I love this song. It reminds me when I walked into a “club” with a friend where people were just kinda hanging out. I had so many people come up to me and say, “hey, you have a vibe coming off of you like your a Christian, what are you doing here?” Hey, I can let God’s light shine anywhere. I would love to have a Christian club with music like this around here. I’d be there every night. I love when people can see God’s light in me in a place less expected.


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