I have to say 2014 has been one of the best years for CHH. Canon’s next installment in the Loose Canon series guarantees near whiplash from head nodding. Loose Canon Vol. 2 is scheduled to release October 7, 2014.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Go Off (feat. Lucious)
Produced by RayRock

2. Motivation (feat. Social Club)
Produced by Canon

3. Trippen
Produced by Eighty7

4. Point of View (feat. Tragic Hero, Adia)
Produced by Cardec

5. Common Sense (feat. B. Cooper, Mau Nu’u)
Produced by Joyful Noise

6. Put Me On (feat. Reconcile, Derek Minor)
Produced by Kenneth Aldridge

7. Dreams (feat. Tony Tillman, J.C.)
Produced by MPAX

Bonus Tracks
Reach Into the Night (feat. TJ Pompeo, Shonlock)
Produced by Canon

Motivation (feat. Social Club) [EXTENDED VERSION]
Produced by Canon

Which song are most excited about? Leave a comment below.

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