Listen to the remix and you can download below.

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  1. Klassic

    Woooooowiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!! Glory 2 God famo!! This joint needs to be played on er single radio station. Real Talk, I dont care if its the hip hop station, r&b or country, this joint needs to be heard. Godbless yal ~Klassic

  2. LiLReD

    Another favorite!! Best collab with 5 of you, Chris B’s verse was 2 good! Thumbs up to all of you, can’t wait to hear the while mixtape!

  3. Jay Vore

    My group…this song goes hard my dude, you better believe it’s my new favorite joint bro!!! I am REALLY lovin the song guys, keep up with all of the AMAZING work you guys do, thank you and God bless!!!

  4. DJ T-Daddy Barlow

    I just downloaded this joint right now! This goes so hard! “A fake Christian…that’s that stuff I don’t like”. I’m putting this on my next mix!

  5. Thuso Jones

    U guys rooooooooock big tym!! Jessssuuuuuuuuussssss!!!
    “Bars no cocky” wht does ths min?

    • Camo

      Thanks alot bro! really encouraging! it just means that we aim to be the best, but not for prideful gain, but because we serve a GOD who iz PERFECT, so with our lives, and talents we aim for greatness for HIS glory so #NoCocky


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