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San Antonio, TX…April 28,2015 Independent CHH artist C.O.E is excited to release his debut single “No Days Off” featuring 5ive today as the release date of his freshman album “LAZARUS” draws closer. The track sets the tone for the clear message C.O.E hopes to send through this album which drops May 22nd of this year.

Inspired by living life as a 21st century Christian, C.O.E noticed that although church buildings were growing that the condition of the world continued to get worse. Confirming to him that the church had begun to grow comfortable inside the 4 walls. This track which features fellow CHH artist 5ive, ventures into this at times gray area of ministry. Prayerfully serving as a spark to challenge those that hear it to get outside of their comfort zone and answer the call of the Great Commission.

“Without an intentional attitude when it comes to expanding the Kingdom of God, we allow individuals outside or new to the faith to believe that’s the norm.” – C.O.E

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