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  1. mischa street

    C-lite, This Is Amazing…. Thanks…Because Of Ur music I’ve Stop Listening To The Worldly Music… It’s All About Money, Sex, Greed It’s All Rubbish …Ur Lyrics Are True… Thanks For THe Free Mixtape Keep It Up… God Bless

    Keep Reppin’ C.J.
    Love Ur New Track “Let There Be Light” 😀

  2. ArnoldFlexy

    dude, you inspire me
    your music shows me the truth that i surely need
    eversince i heard Jesus over hip hop
    i’ve been rapping differently
    no matter how tempted u get, dont ever stop
    rapping about the truth
    to these youth
    that need someone who can speak their language
    so that they can be changed before they age
    thank you C-LITE…God bless you

  3. Brendan Leonard

    Love this mixtape! The dude showed just how talented he really is. Of course this was before he allows himself to sing without auto-tuning. Even so, it’s an awesome project


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