Brother 3 – StrangeLand | Free EP

December 18, 2015


Brother 3 – StrangeLand | Free EP

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Listen to the full EP below!

Southside Chicago-based artist Brother 3 envisions a world that is foreign, where people push to be noticed and accepted. Those who reside in StrangeLand are willing to do almost anything to get ahead. This world may not have much time left at this current rate of erosion. Brother 3 spreads the message of hope in this time of defamation and urges others to make the realization that we all live in a StrangeLand.

*Executive producer: Marv4MoBeats

*Mixed & Mastered: Akande Davis

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Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of I Never Stop.
  1. Ryan Read

    Cory Cifax AhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Cory Cifax

    You dig it bro??

  3. Ryan Read

    Bruh. Yea man. That's dooooope.

  4. Milton Taylor

    Gratitude I really appreciate you taking the time out to listen. #StrangeLand

  5. Caleb Mathew Dye

    Love this album

  6. Keith Holland

    Great EP bro! You were speaking that truth on "Out of Time." GOD Bless!

  7. Brother 3

    Much appreciated bro thanks for listening please keep sharing! #StrangeLand

  8. Brother 3

    Humbled sir! Thanks for the support please share with everyone you know! #StrangeLand

  9. PierreBibbs

    Feelin your music bro. Thanks for sharing your testimony through it.

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