Southside Chicago-based artist Brother 3 envisions a world that is foreign, where people push to be noticed and accepted. Those who reside in StrangeLand are willing to do almost anything to get ahead. This world may not have much time left at this current rate of erosion. Brother 3 spreads the message of hope in this time of defamation and urges others to make the realization that we all live in a Strangeland.

StrangeLand will be available for both free download and purchase on Dec. 18, 2015.

Official Tracklist:

  1. StrangeLand ft. Evan Ford
  2. Out of Time ft. MouthPi3ce
  3. Homeless ft. Evan Ford & Eris Ford
  4. Morning Spazz
  5. Different Roads ft. Cory Cifax & Davis Absolute
  6. It Can Change

All tracks were executive produced by Marv4MoBeats and mixed & mastered by Akande Davis.

2 Responses

  1. obeyurmasta1

    Dang you got Eris Ford and Evan Ford on a track lol. I was just thinkin how they had a good voice and similar names.
    The land is bugged out. It won’t change but some people will lay their lives down and follow Christ, it won’t change but those that love God can be stronger. It won’t change but we can shine brighter and grow up unto one mind.
    Shiish if the beleivers can just keep the upright word concerning Christ while the rest of the world offends each other I’d be very very happy…..strangeland wit a strange mind.


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