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Artwork and mixing by: Davis Absolute

Brother 3 confronts the issue of whether artists should be considered “Christian rappers” or “Christians who rap”. Instead of wasting all this time debating what the label is, Brother 3 believes we need to concentrate on reaching souls rather than debate the label. Brother 3 leaves us with the ultimate question, who do you want to be a slave to?

7 Responses

  1. obeyurmasta1

    Ish is mad dumb nig, if u worship God in truth and spirit and u like to rap and that truth in you….u a rapper haha

  2. davisabsolute

    obeyurmasta1 If you want your comment to have validity you should probably approach it more constructively and use terminology that is more accurate. He is addressing isues that have come to light in the community long before. This is after the fact.

  3. obeyurmasta1

    My respone wasn’t a response to his song…i didn’t hear song yet. I thought i deleted my post but oh well


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