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Brother 3 flips Jay-Z’s song “Hand It Down” in which he addresses some major issues within CHH. 3 had a busy summer collaborating with new artists, being selected as a finalist in Legacy’s Rap Showcase, and gearing up for a new EP which is scheduled to be released later this year.

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  1. Come_5501

    therealbrother3 Absolutely brother, always encouraged by you. Press on!! #tilHecomes

  2. Shaun Michael

    This is wack. Just trying to generate interest for himself and exposure. a lot like what Bizzle does

  3. Jbez Hernandez

    Disagree and is whack. What is that relating to? The topic, the track or the Pastor dude?

  4. KD ThaVessel

    What’s whack about calling The Body (or those that want to look the part) into areas of accountability that are necessary???

  5. Elijah Meiko Gilliam

    Tunnel Rats used to talk about this same thing. Be great at the craft, but if you are fake that should tell you something. If you chasing worldly accolades… That’s pride not Jesus. Being Christ like he came to serve not rule or even receive praise. Folk lost that path

  6. Kenneth Townsell

    I guess the apostles generated interest to themselves when they called people to repent

  7. obeyurmasta1

    What happened what line he crossed lol… We all know what is good…do that. Some for this some for that but remember its Gods vine and he knows who is bearing fruit and who really ain’t.

  8. Phil Ojong

    You know what this guy might be right. Fame and attention corrupts, no matter how strong in your faith you might be, you could fall prey to man’s approval without even knowing it. Now I don’t think anyone’s selling out yet, but it’s hard to say what will happen in the future as CHH becomes more and more popular. Nevertheless I’ll keep supporting and praying for CHH 24/7. unashamed “till the day I die” (TobyMac)

  9. Shaun Michael

    Jameel Patrick nobody has anything too say bruh. The purpose of that song was to generate a buzz around him. Contraversy sells… Case in point- We all sittin here talkin about this nobody lol


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