Brother 3 God Glorified Official Cover

Chicago native Brother 3 debuts his first project entitled God Glorified. He believes glorifying God is the highest calling a believer has. When he feels down or off track, he circles back to God Glorified. Brother 3 wants to make it clear with his first project that he is coming onto the scene with uncompromising faith.

The EP will be released for free on March 31, 2015.

Official Tracklist:

  1. Let’s Be Clear
  2. Hallelujah ft. Gemstones
  3. Love Unconditional ft. Tone Jonez
  4. No More ft. Sean Simmonds
  5. The Church
  6. Solid Ground ft. Kareem Manuel

Hear the first single “Hallelujah ft. Gemstones” off the EP below.


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  1. obeyurmasta1

    Bring it brother….the truth is our maker is the greatest being ever…he didn’t create beings and creatures that discovered a greater greatness even if their narrow sight esteems it so. We look to God and hearing of his greatness we smile, big ups. I asked one time God i’ll fast for 7 days if u give me more faith…next thing i heard was…fast on doubt. I layed there dumbfounded about my request as light hit me. He was right


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