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Brei Keren – Eden (Single)

March 8, 2018


Brei Keren – Eden (Single)

Singer Brei Keren blesses her track ‘Eden’ with soulful vocals

Brei Keren is an upcoming singer that won our contest for Davis Absolute’s Remix of Fly Away. Her version stood out because of the way she was able to manipulate the track into something so subtle and smooth.

When describing her track Brei had this to say…

“I’ve been referenced to as a dreamer on many occassions and once from a complete stranger. That experience will forever be engrained in my mind.

Throughout life I would experience God communicate with me through my dreams at night as I slept, as well as during the day while zoning out in a day dream.”

This track captures that beautifully!

Take a listen and follow Brei Keren @breikerenmusic

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