Bless’Ed – The Pregame Mixtape

September 26, 2010


Bless’Ed – The Pregame Mixtape

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I want to first start off by saying that I was blessed by Bless’ed’s The Pregame mixtape. After hearing this mixtape I immediately purchased his debut album on iTunes. Bless’ed is a frequent collaborator with fellow Miami artist Rey King and Cheno Lyfe and I enjoy his music as much as I do there’s.

1. Jesus I Love You- Production on this track is grade A, the lyrics hit home and the hook is infectious. Bless’Ed starts The Pregame off right with this love song to Jesus. It is very important to grab the listeners attention out the gate and Bless’Ed effectively does that with Jesus I Love You. I’m feeling this track.

2. Christ Is On Me- Bless’Ed gives a new sound to the Fat Joe & Ron Browz Windin On Me with Christ Is One Me. As you all know I’m not a big fan of auto-tune if you don’t know how to effectively use it. Bless’Ed does a great job at using this tool which only enhances the sound this track is reaching for. Most importantly there is a great message to this song. Bless’Ed rhymes about his changed life since Christ has been in His life! Bless’ed’s style goes perfectly with this track.

3. Amazing- Bless”ed once again shows that he is a lyrical heavyweight as he spits over the Kanye West tune. He touches every topic you can think of but most importantly he serves notice to Satan. Back up Satan you don’t want none of this.

4. I Don’t Pack A Matic (Remix)- I’m telling you Bless’Ed is going to be a force to reckoned with. He spits unadulterated truth and his flow provides a fresh sound that is needed in today’s industry of sound clones.

5. I Did You Wrong- How many times do we admit ours sins to God? How often do we hear people talk about their own sins? Not very often. We live in the days where people don’t see the need to be honest with themselves but that is not the case on this track. Bless’Ed becomes an open book on this track as he tells the Lord of all his shortcomings!

6. Welcome Back ft. Prophecy- Revelation 22 comes to life as Bless’Ed rhymes about the 2nd coming of Christ. Prophecy is a nice addition to this already enjoyable track. Bless’Ed once again gets his auto-tune on this track and it sounds pretty fresh. Bless’Ed you are one of the few artists who have my blessing to get you’re T-Pain on whenever you want. Not that that means much. Lol!

7. Go Crazy feat. Probly Pablo- This one will definitely keep you moving! If you’re a DJ at a Christian club you definitely have to add this one to your rotation. This is all about going crazy for the Lord and getting lost in the spirits. Not sure if it’s good for you Old Timers, but this is a track that will have you pressing the repeat button.

8. Run This Town (Remix) feat. Kristy Marie- Thank you so much Bless’Ed. I can like this song again. Bless’Ed is reppin for the one who really Runs This Town and that’s Christ! There’s not too much to say about this track other than respect was given to the one who really deserves it! JESUS CHRIST!

9. Freestyle- Bless’Ed shows off his lyrical prowess on this freestyle track. For all you freestyle fans I think u will enjoy this one!

10. Just Getting Started- Old things have passed away and all things have become new. That’s what this track is all about. Bless’Ed tells the world on this one that he is just getting started and there is a lot more he has in store for the Kingdom.

11. Empire Strikes Back- Bless’Ed ends this mixtape with the remake of Emire State of Mind. Bless’Ed gives a pretty strong end to a solid mixtape!

Overall I think that The Pregame Mixtape is a great effort. What I will say is it doesn’t compare to his debut album, The Bless’Ed Project. I urge you guys to go pick that up because he really elevates his game and you won’t be disappointed. Jesus I Love You is the standout track for me and I’ll definitely being nominating that for Song of The Year at the newH2O Awards later this year. Well everyone this has been a Preacher Boy review. Hope you enjoy the mixtape. Till next time.

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  1. ItsAll4Christ

    can you guys send me the lyrics of Run This Town-i love this song

  2. Victor

    Nós do Brasil estamos curtindo pra caramba, mas temos um problema estamos custando achar as muscas e suas traduções se puder ajudar. Fiquem na paz do senhor! We in Brazil are enjoying a lot, but we have a problem we find the costing muscas and their translations if you can help Stay in the peace of the Lord!

  3. oluwafunmbi obaoye

    i need all the lyrics too

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