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**note: we removed track 19 for content

3 Responses

  1. mike

    whats wrong with track 19? 15 seconds to change. he speaks truth on that track

  2. jonblaq

    my dude goes hard every bar! bizzle keep doin what u do its def a blessing to see a artist of your caliber stand up for christ!

  3. Bro.Tye

    bizzle my brotha God bless you keep doing it for Jesus.I myself am a rapper,iput it down on da gangsta side when i was in da world,now that im in the kingdom,a decon im looking for a studio and a label to use my God givin talent for kingdom building and demon killing. I pray that 1 day God will allow us to combine and do a song that will bless saints and free sinners like weve been set me at God blessyou my brotha


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