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Bar Exam: Bizzle – Light Work (EP)

May 10, 2018


Bar Exam: Bizzle – Light Work (EP)

A One Listen Review

Bizzle dropped a new EP entitled “Light Work” this week. Having already heard a couple tracks from it, I’m excited to hear it all together.

Way Up starts off with some great vibes. These synths lay a great bed underneath a new sound, a new flow from Bizzle. I’ve never heard him like this before. It works too. He starts with a little melody with some pauses in the right places, and moves into a killer flow. This hook is top notch, I’d be surprised if you weren’t singing along while listening.

“Christ gang ya don’t bang ay/I stay in my lane ay/Metal tucked like a umbrella but/I pray it don’t rain ay/Promise I don’t want no smoke/But that ain’t really what you want too/Cuz everybody got they own folk/That’ll make a move if you want to/The problem is you prolly think I’m afraid/In a way that’s so true/But I ain’t afraid you’ll smoke me/Dog I’m afraid I’ll smoke you”

Sevin drops in for the final verse on this track, dropping “swagu on his noodles” and making the bars connect like an architect. This opening track is absolutely off the chain.

Great Vibes

X starts off with some chimes before the beat drops. This song is about moving past your old way of life, your “X” rather. Datin’s verse is crazy. A lot of wordplay involving x’s and it’s terrific. K.Allico drops an autotuned hook here that’s okay. I’m not sure it adds much to the overall track and I could have probably went without it. Bizzle has a spoken hook that in my opinion would have sufficed.

The next track sounds almost like a music box at the top. Ok, Fine is laced with melodic flows from Bizzle. He’s always been on point with the hooks, and here he’s using that talent to bring an above the bar display. “I was GOM before I picked a bag up you can ask em.” This track is incredibly nice, and again a different flavor from Bizzle than I’m used to.

Down begins with some low keys, Joey Vantes comes in asking the question “why you wanna see me down?” It’s a slower paced track, really chilled out. Bizzle rolls in with another melody on it. “But as long as you like it I love it/I needed a new life and you done it/I am not through fighting/Let’s run it/I’m feeling’ like a new Tyson/Who want it?” Life tries to get the best of us, but we gotta keep our heads up.

Lit Lit has a west coast feel to it and it stays looping underneath Bizzle’s melodic flow. He’s bringing light everywhere he goes. “Trying to win try not to sin/Time is money I ain’t got a lot to spend/First I gotta get it then I gotta give/First I got to die then I got to live” I’m surprised there wasn’t bars here at the end, but this new style is so fresh I’m diggin’ it.

Fresh Style

The next track, “Stay With You” has some island/dancin’ vibes to it. J. Carter brings us the smooth vocals on the Chorus. Nina Sims doubles up some of the vocals here. It’s a jam.

Warriors begins with a clip from the 1979 movie, “Warriors.” The hook uses the same idea “Warriors come out to play.” The song plays well with this double entendre of being a warrior for Christ, as well as alluding to the Golden State Warriors throughout. It’s a fun track, and the production is top notch. So many different layers all working together for an above the bar track.

We close out the EP with Bizzle sharing The Gospel with his kids. He begins in Genesis, and tells the story of the fall of Adam and Eve. He moves fast to Cain and Abel, then to Moses and the Passover, then to Abraham. He explains the idea of making sacrifices, how it all works towards God’s purposes. The beat is low key, some organs swell in a bit to enhance the performance. He goes the whole 4:30 without a hook, and weaves a great explanation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. “I Am I AM, beloved it was always me.”

I’d say there’s something for everyone on this EP. Beginning with some straight up bars at the top, moving to some modern sounding vibes in the middle, and ending up with more bars and a Gospel message, this is a well crafted project. There are little to no weak spots or slumps in the entirety, and all of it is worth another listen.

Overall Rating: Above The Bar


Luc is the Worship Arts Pastor at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Luc has been performing and critiquing hip hop since the age of 5. In his free time he’s either watching baseball, on a date with his wife, or wrestling with his kids.
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