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  1. wiseguy

    Lots of rewinding on this one guys. You wont catch everything at 1st listen. This is a great wake up call. It made me go listen to Jay & Kanyes original. I feel Bizzle is right on everything here. The original song by Jay & Kanye is rather disturbing. Lines like -we formed a new religion and theres no sin as long as theres permission- are dangerous coming from people with alot of followers. I used to be that guy that said “whats the difference between movies and music. If arnold can kill cops on screen, why is it an issue if someone raps about it?” Now I see that music is more accessible. You likely wont be watching a movie on your way to a grocery store or jogging at the track. People say they listen for the beat and that may be true but, the lyrics stick. I guarantee people know the words to their favorite beat. Great job exposing it Bizzle! Keep up the awesome job.

  2. VL


  3. roni

    well the truth was bound to come out some day…may God give you more grace to rep the kingdom

  4. Bizzle is a hero

    Bizzle had the power to say what we didnt have the power to say God is there with us the ones like me who believe that my lord God is there and so is his son Jesus Christ is there watching over our mistakes and sins to forgive us every bad thing we do and rewarded with every good thing we do I am proud that somebody took a stand against these rappers trying to suck us into there world thats all selfishness for Money is sad I will make my money the way God put me on the Earth to make this money
    From the bottom of my heart God I obey you and I love you nothing will tear my belief away from you I mean nothing not even money I will always be there with you<3

  5. Queen B

    Okay I already know that I am going to take some heat for this but this is a heat round that I am willing to hop on. When are we going to say enough is enough? I mean seriously!

    I love Bizzle. I love his style but this song I’m not too sure about. This is the 3rd song that has been dedicated to Jay or Ye and I’m not sure if this does anything different than the previous ones. To me this is nothing more than a typical diss song. And let the shots begin at me. Lol. Once again I AM NOT hating on Bizzle I’m just saying that I don’t feel like this is right. Why are we making diss songs? Do Jay and Ye do things that go against Christ? YES! But if we are really trying to “get their attention” why aren’t we doing so out of love.

    I look at how P-Dub handled his “Letter To T.I.” and really was feeling it. Why? Because it was out of love. That’s what I didn’t hear in this song or Bizzle’s previous songs about Jay, Ye or Nicki. There was no love. When have you ever heard Bizzle say, “Pray For Them?”. I know there are a lot of Bizzle followers out there but actually take this with an open mind. What are we accomplishing from songs like this in the long run? Are the non-saved getting saved? Is this turning Jay and Ye from there evil ways? Or is this just another “Ether” like track slamming people in the world.

    That’s one problem as Christians we doing more SLAYING than PRAYING. Yes we rebuke but we should do so out of love and we should be on our knees praying for these people. Before you ask, NO I don’t listen to secular music. This is just what I see. Nice song but at the end of the day I don’t think it really has place in a Christian Forum such as this. God bless you all!

    Mercedes Belivedez a.k.a Queen B

    • Unolive

      Hey Queen B
      This is HipHop so there is nothing wrong with a dis track, If u dont like change ur name from Queen B to something else. He aint lying on this track he is saying the truth.

      • Unolive

        Hey Sold Out Saint.
        There you go with the its Christian HipHop.
        Its HipHop Buddy! Does it make it better for you if you say its Christian. You must Love Titles.
        Its HipHop anyone can listen to it not just Christians.

  6. WHo Are We

    What an OUTSTANDING song. Its about time someone stands up OUT LOUD for Jesus Christ. As Christians we have to remember we are all called to different ministries. What God has you to say and do is for you and the same for Bizzle. He is doing what he is called to do. Everyone want to make a big deal about this song but do we make a big deal about Jay’s version? Why not? We just sit back and say well I jus will not listen to it so it aint hurting me. Well what about those Christian or not that are listening to it. Do we sit back and allow death to come upon them and not say nothing. Love, yes we should operate in love however, Jesus did go into His father’s temple and turned every table over and shouting you have made my father’s house into a den of theives. At that point would say that was love. Its no doubt He loved them but He did not love what they where doing so He spoke out. Bizzle is doing the same thing. Remember Deal faithfully with wrongdoing. Warn every soul that is in danger. Leave none to deceive themselves. Call sin by its right name (SIN). Declare what God has said in regard to lying, Sabbathbreaking, stealing, idolatry, and every other evil. “They which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” Gal. 5:21.

  7. ayegee

    He ain’t dissin he is just putting the truth out. There is a difference. When Nas and Jay-z had words they got personnal. if anything he dissing the negative music and messages they putting out. Its about the message not the person.. Wake up.


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