Right now there’s a Kickstarter campaign aimed at redesigning the Bible to make it more user friendly. The translation they are using is the American Standard Version. They’ve done away with verse numbers, instead of one book it’ll be split into 4 books, and many more enhancements. Watch the video below to get a closer look.

Do you think the Bible needs to be redesigned to get more people to read it? Answer in the comments below.

BIBLIOTHECA bible redesign

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  1. Nick Paschal

    That’s interesting. Sounds like a good idea that makes a lot of sense. My concern would be how much content would change. I don’t think it needs to be redesigned but it may enhance the experience.

  2. obeyurmasta1

    Sounds like crap…lol ughhh i am from the projects and i got proverbs when i was just about 14 by Gods grace… It ain’t a story or book just those things no…it is the account of God by his prophets and the disciples of his Anointed Son. Don’t matter how u design it when they wrote down their account in their days that was enough design. But hey whatever just keep it 100.

  3. BenjaminMcGillicudy

    We have already ‘redesigned’ the Bible many times and are fine with it- we have a simple Bible, Study Bible, evangelism Bible (like the Evidence Bible by Ray Comfort)…  All of these are in a way- redesigned! And so taking out the chapter numbers and verses don’t make a huge difference but like the video says, I think we have gotten too use to the ‘encyclopedic nature’ of the Bible and instead see it as a chore to read (Which to be honest, I feel that way at times, yet I can read other books just fine!). I think this project will be very helpful to actually getting us reading the Bible in it’s fullness- the original letters weren’t broken into chapters and verses, so why should it really matter if we read it without?
    I fully support this project, and hope to contribute to it when I get the money and when they have a good shipping option (as he has said he is still looking into these) for New Zealand 🙂

  4. LQuintalStitt

    I love the idea. This book wouldn’t be your primary Bible, of course, but many people have not read the entire Bible (me included) and I think this approach might encourage people to read the whole thing! I would contribute to this project.

  5. hestops_judgenot

    the orginal was made for a purpose and talks now these days even get me hearing about theNIV,without the blood of Jesus in scriptures, Feel Good more or less…feel great in Jesus thats what i think


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