Who is Rey King? What words describe Rey King? There is and have been a whole lot of controversy about Rey King. I really wanted to sit down and actually let the people know who Rey is. A lot of time we allow our own misconceptions and misunderstandings judge others and I think one thing we all need to work on (ESPECIALLY as Christians), is getting the love aspect of our lives down. But I’m not going to sit here and bore you with my own thoughts and personal feelings, because you get enough of that on www.preacherboy.us. I know, I know shameless plug. So here is an interview that I conducted with Rey King on Thursday night and I hope it helps you understand him more.

           Rey King with Cheno Lyfe & Bless’ed

Preacher Boy: Okay first off Rey thanks for taking the time out to talk to us here at newH2O. You are the first artist to officially step Behind The Mic.

Rey King: No problem!

PB: Tell us when were you reborn? When did you become saved?

RK: Summer of 2007.

PB: Were you into music prior to you being saved?

RK: Yeah. I been rapping and producing for ten years. Been doing this since 2001.

PB: Was there any event that really pushed you to give your life to Christ?

RK:I would say yeah, just because of the things I was going through in my personal life at the time. It felt like all of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 was a terrible time for me. The beginning of 2007 things were really, really bad. That year was when I was the furthest away from God. I felt like I was physically killing myself. Like it was crazy and hard to explain but that’s what it felt like. Like I was really killing myself. My parents are pastors and have been for 5 years so I was exposed to church. I had left the church for awhile though. I left home. Everything. But I came back and went to this one service. God used this man who is a family friend and his message just hit me. He gave this analogy. He said, “When a grown person says big and a little kid says big it means 2 different things. To a little kid a refrigerator is big. But to a grown person it’s not. It’s the same with God. His idea of big and our idea of big are on two different scales. When we say we’re doing it big it’s different from how God is saying big! I always have had this love and passion for music. That’s one of the reasons I left the church initially. I felt that I couldn’t really do it “big” when it came to music and still be in the church. But God knew I loved music but He also had His own plan for me when it came to music. So the man giving the sermon spoke that God wants to do it big the way God wants to do it big. And there’s no human who can do it bigger than God. That really hit me. Because of everything I was chasing you know. I was like hmmm. So after hearing that it just came full circle you feel me. God gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

PB: What do you define yourself as? A Christian Rapper? A Holy-Hip Hop Artist? A Kingdom Artist?

RK: If I had to choose out of those three, I would have to say Kingdom Artist. The reason is because people are negative many times when they use the terms Holy Hip Hop and Christian Rapper. I really don’t want to be defined by the world’s of the “Christian” communities definition of those words. So Kingdom Artist. I’m all about building the Kingdom!

Kingdom Artist Rey King

PB: Your last mixtape Black Friday, to me was an amazing project. I loved it. And I believe I understand what approach you took with it. But most people don’t understand some aspects of the project. Can you tell us what your approach was?

RK: Black Friday originally came about when I was in Rhode Island. I was promoting the “Young God” project. Which was the CD that was released prior to Black Friday. I’m originally from Rhode Island. I was doing a tour up there at my uncle’s churches. Like all my uncles are ministers. I ran into my cousins and they’re saved but not what we called saved. They’re not intimate with God. But you know I was working with my cousins in the lab. They was rapping about what they rap about and I was rapping what I was rapping about.

The concepts of the mixtape God twisted around me was to break the market. If anybody knows me they know that I don’t say I’m a Christian rapper. And I also don’t say I’m a secular artist. Whatever box it is I don’t want to be in it. Whether it’s big or small. The point of the mixtape was to break those barriers. The mixtape has done that. It’s been played in the club. It’s been played in the church. It’s been played in the streets and virtually everywhere else you can think of. It really did it’s job. The content of the music is always going to be testimonial. People are so used to hearing the testimony of Jesus, Paul but they never hear the testimony of the artist. So to me it doesn’t make sense for me to talk about what Jesus did if I don’t tell people what Jesus is doing through me and what he has done for me. A lot of people think I brag a lot on my songs but that’s just me telling them what God has brought me.

PB: I’m glad you brought up bragging Rey. A lot of people have a problem with you because they say you “brag” too much. You have a video in which we see you on a plane and in cars and what not. People interpret that as you glorifying earthly possessions. What do you think of that?

RK: (laughs) If you, read the bible, and you’re well aware of the bible, you know about Jesus saying, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” He’s talking about a lifestyle, values a culture, and a way of life. A lifestyle, a culture and a way of life that mirrors God’s Kingdom. When I did that video, I was trying to prove something to the people. It’s not that we’re all born to be rich, and it’s not to promote vanity. It’s to show people, if we work for God, who is the owner of everything, He could give us the desires of our heart. The word says seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you. God walks on gold. He walks on something we put on are wrist, necks and in our teeth. I worship the Lord of excess, the Lord who is more than enough. By this video I’m showing people that I don’t have to sell drugs to have this lifestyle. I don’t have to promote sex on street corners to have this lifestyle. People see the plane and think I’m worshipping the plane. (laughs) I’m not worshipping the plane. When I do music I cater to everyone. I am about reaching the saved and the non-saved. Why do you think when Jesus used to speak He spoke in parables? Because they worked. They worked with everyone. He would talk about earthly things that everyone could understand and relate to. When it comes to church I can speak scriptures all day, but when it comes to everyone I try to keep it general. Because I’m trying to make sure they understand.

PB: A lot of people don’t know but u teach a weekly bible study at your home. Can you tell us a little about that?

RK: Yuupp! I’ve been teaching for about 2 years now. Ever since I graduated the leadership course at my home church. I used to have about 30 youth in my crib on a weekly basis. Then we split it up between the girls and the guys. The girls are now with my sister and I’m the one who heads the bible study with the young men. So we got a good 17-18 guys. We’re just trying to teach these young men. It’s about becoming the word. Not just rapping about it. Not just talking about it. Like in John where it says the word became flesh. That’s our main objective. So it becomes more than just words but a way of life. We’re just trying to build a good solid foundation.

PB: Okay back to The Black Friday Mixtape. Track 13. The infamous track 13. You used the words, “Damn” & “Cocky as Hell”. Can you explain why you chose to include that in your lyrics?

RK: Yeah. (laughs) Yeah. Well the word Damn, where I come from is not a profane word. I know when people heard that they immediately were shut off. But like I said where I’m from V culturally it’s not a bad word. It means what it means condemning. So when I say y’all do the “damned thing” I literally meant, they are doing things that are condemning them. I don’t say the F word or anything else like that. But damn is used as a word to express emotions. I apologized to a lot of people that did get offended. I never meant to offend anyone. It’s crazy because I performed it at 2 churches and got two different reactions. I’m speaking of The Geezy song which is track 13 on the mixtape. I performed at a church and they wanted nothing to do with it. But when I performed it at a church that was more kingdom minded, the response was way better. They encouraged me to continue to perform that song because it was something that needed to be addressed. Especially with our young people! But like I said, I apologize to all who were offended.

PB: From what I took from the second half of the song is that you have struggled with the same thing that most people struggle with, but refuse to admit. The battle with flesh. But I wanna hear it from you because you get pretty descriptive on this track.

RK: We’ve seen in the past year a lot of our great leaders have fallen to this battle. But they never shared their struggle. You never once heard them say, “I’m human and I’ve been struggling with this”. In music I really feel you should be sincere. And if you’re not sincere you’re being fake and you’re lying to the public. That’s not me. I’m not a liar. Geezy is a true story. I really met a girl at church and the next week things really did get hot. I almost fell. I fell enough from just kissing and other stuff, but I almost allowed myself to go there. So like I said I just like to be an open book. Our young people are struggling with this. Sex is everywhere. If we don’t stop it and address it then our youth are going to continue to struggle with it. This song was just a way of me saying, it’s not only you!

PB: You know what I find real funny? Throughout the Black Friday mixtape you talk about your haters. And people criticize you for that but when you look at the discussion boards, and the blogs that’s what people do. They hate on you. So what I want to know is how do you deal with that and was there ever a time that that bothered you?

RK: Ummm yeah man. I’ve learned a lot with Black Friday. Before it’s release, this is what people don’t understand. God told me that this was going to happen. I knew that was going to happen already. I had a song on the Young God CD, called Call Me Crazy. That was before anybody knew me. God told me this was coming. He’s the one who called me to do this and He is the one who sent me. So when it comes to haters, I don’t hear them. I don’t see them. I don’t read the blogs. When I was reading the blogs, I would laugh because it was confirmation of what God told me.

When Black Friday came out it really did effect me though. What got me was the people close to me never reached out and contacted me. They never spoke with me about it and that hurt. They was talking behind my back. Talking about how I was wrong. I wish they had come to me and express what they felt to me. You know I would’ve respected that. I would’ve had a chance to explain to them. For 1-2 days I was down but not enough to stop what I was doing. Because the haters aren’t the one who have called me. God called me so until he tells me to stop I’m not going to. I don’t go on the blogs because it’s discouraging. It’s sad to see people write a whole paragraph with scriptures, to prove me wrong rather than going out and trying to save someone.

PB: Cheno Lyfe held it down for you, on all those sites while you were under fire. What’s your relationship like with him?

RK: Man. Cheno Lyfe is my big brother. We’ve gone through a lot together. He’s helped me out more than anyone could imagine. He’s done stuff other people couldn’t comprehend. He taught me the rules as far as the business aspect is concerned. But more than that he’s been a big brother, a mentor, a best friend. We talk all the time. It’s weird if there’s a week we don’t speak. Whether it’s seeing each other, talking on the phone or texting, we keep that communication flowing. He’s definitely one of the biggest helps there is to me. He set up my website, my online store, my twitter. And it was all for free. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make a cd. But he’s helped me out along the way.I had to tell Chenoto stop answering the blogs and the discussion boards. I know it affects him. He knows me so personally. He knows I’m not that arrogant kid that people think I am. He knows that I’m far from that. So for him to see people criticize my motive and character, it really hurts him, Dre Marshall and a few others down here in South Florida. But I told them to calm down. Why? Well we don’t have to justify ourselves, God does that. We just have to worry about doing what He tells us to do.

PB: Another thing people have said is that you don’t say “Jesus” or “God” enough in your lyrics and you don’t give out scriptures like other artist do. What do you have to say to that?

RK: I have to say, for one I strongly believe that Christ is in me. Galatians 2:20 says, ” “I have been crucified withChrist; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.” The reason why I don’t say Christ in my lyrics all the time is because Christ speaks through me. He even says it’s about his Father and not him. A lot of Christian rappers lead people to an empty cross. I want to lead them to the right hand of the Father. I’m not taking away from the sacrifice of the cross, but the destination is not the cross, the destination is the Father. The message is the Gospel. It’s the good news. For a sick person it’s “for His stripes we havebeen healed”. The world we live in these days, people hear Jesus all the time. His name is now called in vain and it’s not important to many people in the word. My approach with my music is different and unorthodox. I don’t have a problem coding my message. The enemy has been doing it in secular music for years and it’s been corrupting minds. It’s been destroying our young people’s minds. But the minute a Christian artist does it people have a problem. But I believethat the Holy Spirit will work if I continue to do things this way. I want to give people the result of what Jesus has done in my life.

What Does Young God Mean?

PB: Okay, one last thing before we change gears a little bit. Young God. This is probably your biggest criticism. What does it mean and are you saying that you are a God?

RK: Umm well, the phrase Young God is two separate words. It means Young. And it means God. As I read my scriptures I read that Jesus is not just my savior but my He is also my brother. Him being 100% God, and 100% Man, being the son of God makes Him my brother. It means I have God in me. God is my Father. The only true one that is. When I say Young God, it means more than those 2 words. I’m only 23. So I’m obviously I’m young. Young in the Hebrew and Greek also means son. Now I didn’t wanna walk around calling myself God’s Son like Nas does, and no one has an issue with. So I used Young. Jesus got a whole lot of criticism because He said He was Gods son. But He was just speaking truth. All I’m saying from Young God is that I’m a child of God. In Genesis the word tells us that we are made in His image. By no means am I saying that I am God. That’s the furthest from the truth I’m just representing Him and His lifestyle as His son. That is the meaning of Young God!

PB: Okay so we hear that you are working on a book. How did that come about and what has the process been getting that in order?

RK: There’s s a lot of aspects of me. There’s a lot of aspects of all of us that we don’t share. When it comes to Kingdom Artist a lot of us are preachers and teachers but people don’t see that because all they see is an album cover. The book came about as another aspect of me. Like we were talking about earlier. I do preach, I do teach, I do conferences. I knew I would do a book in the future, and go to seminars but just didn’t know when. There was a message I preached. It was about the power of deciding. My cousin told me I should write a book because there is a lot in me. It’s going to be a series named, “The Good Life”. Vol. 1 is titled, “Becoming Me”. It’s speaking about Identity. A lot of the questions people have for me and the misunderstandings they have about me me will be answered and addressed in the book. In my songs I don’t explain what I say. I say it and that’s it. In the book I explain how I found my identity in Christ. It’s going to be a really good book. And this one will be scripture packed. (laughs)

PB: When should we expect that?

RK: I believe next year, I’m planning for late spring or summer.

PB: You were featured on Jesus Music Vol. 1. How did that come about?

RK: Well ummm, you know you reached out to me and explained the project and the vision of the project. I felt that you know. I really love sharing music, besides the fact that it’s my purpose in life. It’s one of the tools God has given us. It really hit my heart man. Because you guys really want to reach the lost, not just the ones inside the church but the ones who are outside the four walls. So it was nothing for me to hop on the Jesus Music Vol. 1 mixtape.

PB: Okay man when I tell people of the vision that God has given me I simply tell them, “the work is not to done in the church!” We need to take Jesus and the Gospel to the streets. That’s what I live by. Do you agree?

RK: Most definitely! We can’t take it to an extreme and leave the church all together, but I believe we have to take ourselves out of our comfort zones. Most of the places Jesus and the Apostles went were outside. They preached to the “heathens” the “world” or whatever other words we like to use these days. Those are the most people they spoke to. When we keep our message, to ourselves it is wrong. Christians think I’m very boastful and that I’m arrogant. It’s very ironic, but they are the same way they claim I am. And I’m going to be honest that’s a demonic spirit. Like I’m really reaching souls with the way I’m doing this you know. And a lot of the people who have issues aren’t doing anything. They stay in the church and keep the Gospel to themselves. If you’re keeping this to yourself, then you’re doing the devil’s work. Because he wants to word to be stopped from going forth. We can say we wanna give God glory, but if you don’t manifest that, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to preach in the streets. If you just share love to people, Jesus will shine through you. Your motive should be to share God. People think that sharing God is just saying the word, ‘Jesus”. No. It’s how you live. What fruits you’re bearing. We gotta go to the schools, parties and clubs and get this music to them. Plant that seed in their heads.

PB: And new music? When will we hear new music from Rey King?

RK: Ummm…. Well right now I’m really focused on the book. I am doing music though. I never stop doing music. Either it’s for me or others. I do got about a good 15-20 songs in the pot. They’re ideas really, because I’m not trying to complete them. I’m just trying to allow God to use me and let him take me to the next dimension. I want to drop the cd and the book at the same time. Who knows I might add a DVD with videos or something. Might be something extra. Something special you know. But it’s going to be my first official album. Young God was a pre-album. This will be my first cd that I’m going to push in a main stream market. Black Friday got spread out there because the young people were touched by it and sent it out there. Look what my homeboy Trip did by bringing his video to 106th n Park. That’s just putting God in a bigger window. Giving Him another audience who otherwise would miss out on Him. We’re not changing our beliefs. We are just reaching more people. But the Love Hate Demo should be out next spring.

PB: You’re from Miami right? So does that make you a fan of the Big 3?

RK: Ummm, yeah man. I really don’t pay attention to sports. But as far as what’s going down now I’m happy to be down here in Miami. It’s crazy out here. People been going crazy. I was hoping Lebron came down. Maybe I’ll catch a few games.

PB: You’ve made a name for yourself thus far in your career and ministry. Is there anything you would like to say to artist trying to break into this?

RK: Definitely. Number 1 check in with the big boss to make sure that your passion is what He has for you. A lot of people mistake a love for something for a calling. Just because I like basketball doesn’t mean I should be a basketball player. Come on now. Secondly, we have to do this thing with excellence. You have to study your craft. Regardless if it’s rapping, producing or singing. When King Solomon asked for someone to play the harp, he just didn’t want someone to play for him who was good. He wanted someone who was the best. And that was David. And David played and the bible says that the spirits were cast out. We have to make sure we aren’t putting out trash. When I call rappers lame, people trip and say I’m wrong. But the reason I say that is because people put out anything and say well it’s for Jesus. They give God just anything, much like Cain did. No that’s crap. So the two biggest things is make sure God has called you and do this with excellence.

PB: From our conversations Rey I feel that you are probably one of the most misunderstood Kingdom Artist. I don’t see you as being arrogant, cocky or anything like that. Maybe I’m biased because we share a lot of the same views when it comes to music and ministry but if there is anything that you want people to take away from this interview and know about Rey King, what would it be?

RK: Umm definitely. If I could tell anybody anything I’d want to let them know that I really, really, really have a heart for God. I represent Him in everything that I do. That’s all that I’m about. I know that the methods are very different and it’s not traditional. I truly don’t try to offend people on purpose. I don’t try to be controversial. I don’t do things on purpose. I do it for a person. I only have loveas my motive. I hate no one. I still love the ones who persecute me. I’m gonna say keep praying for me because God is going to keep shaping me and molding me into who He wants me to be. I hope they can understand that I truly have a heart for God and I know what I’m being called to do.

PB: Rey it’s really been a pleasure Thanks for allowing us to talk to you and I look forward to talking with you in a near future.

RK: No problem. Thank you for the opportunity.

From my time talking with Rey I was truly blessed. This dude is real down to earth, laid back but most importantly he reps the KINGDOM to the fullest! Before you knock this brother and his ministry I urge you to take the time  out and truly understand him. You never know you may even be blessed by the same one you curse. If you haven’t gotten a chance make sure you check out his Black Friday mixtape. I love the mixtape but number 13 does have profanity on it and as you know, newH2O is a profane free site. But like I said check it out because after this I think you will understand him a little bit more. This is the first of many interviews so stay tuned with us and make sure you tell your friends and family about newH2O. We are the leading source for Kingdom Music. Much love to Rey King for giving us his time and more love to you all for reading this. Be Blessed!

Micah “Preacher Boy” Butler

Acts 20:24

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    I have a question…….he didn’t answer the why was the “cock as hell” in there??? I would love to know! Thanks and keep up the Kingdom work!

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    He did answer it. He said growing up and from where he is from hell & damn aren’t considered bad words. Many people use them and it’s not seen as prfane. Then he went one step further and apologized to all who he offended.

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