Webster’s defines humility as the quality of being modest, reverential, even politely submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-serving. Humilty is a attribute that many don’t possess but after speaking with Jeffery “A.I.M.” Kimbro I was truly humbled by his sense of humility! My time talking with Aim was blessed and I am looking forward to his mixtape dropping this Friday. Hope you all enjoy this interview!

Preacher Boy: First question. Where did you come up with the name Aim?

A.I.M.: Really it was just an idea that came to me. I still remember I was playing Midnight Club 3. And the car I had on there I put Aim on there. At the time I really didn’t know why. That name just stuck with me. Later down the line God spoke to me and gave me this crazy acronym. Anoint Intercede and Meditate. It was like a 3 step process. God had me really seeking him more. I needed that anointing. I needed to pray for other people and I needed to stay in the word. Need to really think about what it meant to me. And that’s how the name came

Preacher Boy: Did you start of as a Christian artist?

A.I.M.: I used to do battle raps in High School. It was nothing serious but that’s what I started with. You know how that goes. Going back and forth in the cafeteria and what not! So yea I would say no, I didn’t start off as a Christian artist.

Preacher Boy: When do you become saved and can you tell us about what led up to it?

A.I.M.: Okay. Well my dad was in the military so we moved around everywhere. And we moved around a lot. When I was with my dad and my mom we used to go to church all the time. But to be honest, I was never really serious about it. My parents ended up getting a divorce. When that happened I wanted to stay with my mom. After that church was cut out. It wasn’t a part of my life at all. I was out wilding out with everyone else. In 2005 fresh out of high school I met Jasmine, who is my wife now. Her family is really dedicated in the church and really on fire for God. I met her on a dance team we were both on. I ended up going to church with her. Then one day I was working and I called her up and asked her out. Her mom said if I wanted to continue that relationship I’d have to get into church. So I began going to church more. And the more I went the more God poured upon me. God really started dealing with me and convicting me of the things I was doing. Then Easter of 2006 I rededicated my life to Christ. And I’ve just been enjoying the ride since!

Preacher Boy: How long have you been married?

A.I.M.: Next week is going to be three years! And it’s amazing. I love it man! God’s really blessed me!

Preacher Boy: What type of advice can you give to singles on sexual purity, dating and marriage?

A.I.M.: Establish boundaries from the beginning. Know from the beginning what you will and won’t do! Make sure it lines up with the word and make sure you watched the situations you put yourself into. Without a boundary you’re gonna find yourself in trouble. I believe in 1 Cor. It talks about if you’re loose don’t seek to be bound. If you’re bound don’t seek to be loose. Your main goal shouldn’t be to find a wife or a husband. We should seek Christ first. A lot of people’s whole pursuit of a wife or husband is so they can have sex. I’ve seen this firsthand and when you do that you’re marrying for the wrong reason. So I would just tell just make sure you’re being led by spirit and not flesh. Everything else will line up after that.

Preacher Boy: How long have you been rapping as a Christian rapper?

A.I.M.: About 4 years now.

Preacher Boy: Canton Jones has a song out now, “In Da Club”.  It’s raised a lot of controversy. A lot of controversy also is circulated around Holy Hip-Hop and some artist not talking about Jesus enough. What’s your perspective on all of this?

A.I.M.: Like ahh man. Honestly me, I feel there’s a certain point when you draw a line. Christian music needs to be the core of the main theme. If Christ isn’t being exalted then it’s not Christian music. If someone who isn’t a Christian listens to your music and doesn’t see Christ then it’s not building up the Kingdom!

Preacher Boy: G Craige Lewis has a pretty popular series The Truth Behind Hip-Hop. In the series he speaks out against Hip-Hop in its entirety. To include Christian Hip-Hop/Christian Rap. He’s got a lot of followers. As a Kingdom Artist what do you say to people who think this is not a ministry?

A.I.M: They’ve been deceived. That’s foolishness. The one thing I know is that God ministered to me through music. The songs on my album I got coming out next year is based on Matthew 10:39. “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” Really all the songs on there, God used them to tell me about myself. While they were coming to me I was like “I know people need to hear this”. But God told me it was really for me. It really hit me. The one song that hit me hardest is called Focused. Every verse was a blow. To say that God can’t use this, well I can’t get in line with that. I think they really don’t understand it. I’m talking about people who have these thoughts. They already have their preconceived ideas about the music. Or they heard people who aren’t really doing it for God so they choose not to embrace the whole in genre. That’s dangerous though. We’re not in any position to say what God can and can’t use. That’s not a call for us to make. If we do this we’ll end up being like the Pharisees.

Preacher Boy: Okay there’s a lot of artist out here today who I call, giving “Cain Praise”. Anybody who knows the story of Cain and Abel knows Abel gave God his best when Cain gave God his seconds. There’s a lot of artist out here whose quality of music and content is off. It’s not very good and they say it’s all good because, “It’s for God”. I personally don’t believe in this. I believe things done for God should be right. And to be honest a lot of times we see a lot of people operating outside of their gifts. What is your stance on this?

A.I.M.: I feel honestly it may not be their calling. There’s nothing wrong with doing it if you’re expressing yourself to God. To take it and put it out there, and say, “I wanna reach people with it” you just gotta check the motives on that. We’re called to be fishers of men. It’s like going out to the lake with a stick, some string and a clump of mud and expect to reach people. God will equip you with what he needs you to do. If you don’t have the gift then you need to really pray and seek God. One big thing you can tell about the people with those types of hearts is they reject criticism. God edifies us through other people. If you reject multiple sources that obviously God trying to tell you something!

Preacher Boy: What advice would you give young Kingdom Artist trying to get into the ministry of Kingdom Music?

A.I.M.: First thing they need to understand is they are rapping about God. First thing you need to do is get in your word! Don’t focus on the music first. First you gotta get a deeper relationship with God. Music started coming to me after I started coming to him. If you have a desire for this you need to draw closer to him. He will give you the desires of your heart. He will develop your gift. He’ll sharpen your tools. We have a whole book that gives us everything we need to talk about. That’s the bible. So you need to draw closer to him. So that way you can reach other people. The majority of the time we rap about where we’re at. It’s gonna be real difficult if you try and put on a fake and a front. So the number one thing is to know the word and know what it says and doesn’t say. Something else is it is all centered around the motive. You gotta ask yourself would you be satisfied if you put your music out there and nobody cared about it. Nobody listened to it? Is it about building self up or the kingdom? In Galatians Paul says, he was unknown to the churches of Judea, and they only heard of him and they praised God because of how he was used by God. They need to praise God because of the gift that is flowing through us. The motive has to be right. The Gospel is not a self promotion.

Preacher Boy: Your new project drops this Friday here on New H2O.  What’s the title and idea behind it?

A.I.M.: It’s called, “The Preview Theater Mixtape”. The main theme is based on 1 Peter 2:21. To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps! To sum it all up, Jesus is the feature presentation. He’s coming soon. And until he comes we’re the previews of Him. We’re the advertisements and previews that point to him. That’s the theme of the mixtape. It’s def. nothing to take lightly. He’s coming and it’s serious. John MacArthur spoke a message and was talking about how mockers will come and question about the Lords coming. He was talking about how we can’t hold God to our clock. 1000 years to us is but a day for the Lord. His time isn’t our time. The Preview Theater is letting people know that he’s coming soon. So until he comes back we are to be previews of him.

Preacher Boy: Any collabs on this mixtape?

A.I.M.: Yes sir! Nine Up, Du2ce, CHC (Christ His Chosen), Tridot & Ashes. That’s it. It’s real good though! Production is from Tony Stone. Most of the production is all original!

Preacher Boy: So what’s next after this mixtape?

A.I.M.: The album is coming next year. It’s called Lose It based on Matthew 10:39. I’m hoping to release it at the latest May. That’s the very latest!

Preacher Boy: Any last words?

A.I.M.: I’d just like to tell them if anyway shape or form, if they like any of the songs, just know that it’s God working through me to get to them. It’s to reach the hearts and peoples. If the music touches you it’s not me, it’s just that God wants to get a message out to them. Other than that make sure they seek God in everything that they do. We have never arrived at the greatest place we’re going to be at. That won’t happen till we get to heaven and reach perfection. So there’s always room to get closer to God and see what areas you need to improve at.

Make sure you guys download A.I.M.’s mixtape, “The Preview Theater Mixtape” this Friday! I’m looking forward to this! Until next time family!

Love God, Love Life, Love Music,

Preacher Boy

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  1. keysha

    It is really a blessing to hear how humble this young man is.The bible says God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.And I see grace in his life.Stay strong because your strength comes from the lord.I love u my brother Minister keysha.

  2. Daisy Kimbro

    I am so proud of my son. Jeffery I knew this was your calling since you were 2 years old. I remember on many many nights that you would run into my room telling me about your dream of how you were falling or flying and God caught you. You are talented, humble, anointed and such a beautiful young man. I am truly inspired by you. I love you son!

  3. Unknown

    I love this dude A.I.M his heart is striding for the things of God and in due season the harvest of what he is laying will manifest. I also have to say with all due respect to Preacher Boy about the comment on G Craig Lewis which is a mis quote that G Craig is against the Christian Hip Hop movement that indeed is true however he has made it clear time and time again that he is not against Christian Rap which he clearly makes the distinctions between the two I just had to bring clarity to that point not trying to stir up anything but clarity is key especially in the body of Christ. Much Love, Unknown


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