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Bar Exam: Lawren – Get Your Change (EP)

March 6, 2018


Bar Exam: Lawren – Get Your Change (EP)

A One Listen Album Review

Lawren makes music in order to share his story with the masses. From his album “Pieces” that dropped in 2016 sharing pieces of his life, to his EP last year, “As You Pass, Go” challenging us to fulfill the Great Commission, his heart to impact souls hasn’t changed. As we kick off the month of March 2018, Lawren has released a 5 track EP entitled “Get Your Change,” and we are expecting more of the same from the emcee.

Old School Vibes

The project kicks off with “Thank You” Featuring Antoine Bradford, who also has recently released a project. Lawren comes straight at us from the top of the song with a flow. The instrumental sounds like a jazz quintet, and Lawren blazes this track as the music ebbs and flows beneath him. Sonically it’s got an old school vibe to it, and it’s all on point. Lawren doesn’t let up and the hand off to Antoine at the end is perfect.

We move on to “¢liché” with some synth loops tucked way back in the mix and the drums and bass in the forefront. Lawren isn’t playing around with this one either. He starts with intensity and pulls back with the dynamic of the song. “I’m like a mile in/I’m bout to dial in/they playin violins/they be like wylin/stop the violence/the reason I do this is more than the music/to find it amusing I pray to the king/loving my family is like everything/you got the wrong one/you got the wrong one/you got the wrong one/I’m not a cliché/we not the same ones” Tremendous performance here.

I¢hy incorporates a big drum kit sound, and entails Lawren explaining how he doesn’t listen to the negativity around him. It’s one thing to have a nice flow, but it’s another to be able to couple that flow with solid writing ability. Lawren’s pen game is strong and everything on this project is flying above the bar for me.

The next track is “Queen Of Hearts” and seems to be the quintessential love song on the project. The bass drops in with the flow at the beginning, and we roll into a pop hook. Phil J drops a melodic second verse that’s very dope. This song is well done but not as crazy as the others.

Dat Flow Doe…

We close out this record with “The Wind” and Lawren’s asking “why don’t we obey if even the wind obeys Him?” This question is posed over a southern beat, and double time raps. The music doesn’t build layers or progress much at all, but that flow though…

This project was over too quickly for me. I know Lawren’s had a lot happen in his life to get him to this point, but all I know is it seems like he’s only just begun. He came at me with bars and intentionality on every song. Each track was well fleshed out and solid all around. I’ve already hit repeat on this project and in the future, any time Lawren has something to say, I’ll be there to take notes.

Overall Rating: Above The Bar


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