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Hnst-T just recently dropped his new song “Clean It Up” featuring Dillon Chase with production from OnBeatMusic and DJ Pez. Hnst-T has had a pretty good run lately, winning a remix contest for a Davis Absolute song as well as winning a feature with KJ-52. This track is the first single from his upcoming album, “Breaking Ground” that will be available March 23rd.

I’m interested to see what this tune is like!

The beat starts out simple and adds layers as the performance grows. The first verse drops in somewhat like a freestyle. Good punchlines throughout “sin sicker than Adolf.” The beat is very nice. The flows are on point and above the bar. Topically talking about shining light in dark places. “We all dying daily so you ain’t gon’ kill a thing.”

There’s not much more discussion for me on a track like this. It’s a slam dunk. Go peep this single and get ready for the album next month!

Overall Rating: Above The Bar

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