The first word that comes to mind when listening to this album is ‘Maturity‘. B-Luv titles this album Growth , and not just for its namesake. He takes you on a journey by tying in the struggle, the confusion, and the redemption as a believer. Let it be known, listening to the album was harder than most. Why? Not because of its content or production, but the vibe of the album was slower and really makes the listener take their time with each song.

It starts off with the song titled Opening Night, B-Luv talks about where he was before the rap game gave him his pedestal. He talks about his objective and how it is clearly not about him but for the glory of the Father. The song transitions into a different feel about 2:00 minutes in, he begins to rap on how his position is to reach to the lost, it’s a motivational anthem. This is B-Luv opening act into the rap game, and he makes it clear his mission and mindset.

All of Me, the 2nd song featuring Joel Jelinski is a song where he cries out, giving God his all and  speaking about not compromising to sin.

Graduation is one of my favorites for some reason, maybe because graduation was not so long ago. This is a slow remedy that reminisces on his graduation and how he made it. It wasn’t about making it money wise, nor the fame, but being black and educated. B-Luv, Isiah Tate & B.Reith show the positive and how ungrateful we may be to even graduate. They show us to work hard and to not stray from the narrow road for the drugs and the girls. They explain that getting good grades, getting on the honor roll, and the dean’s list is all worth it. The whole story of graduating from school is great, but the story really reminds us that we are graduating from this life and going to our eternal resting place in heaven. Do we want look back on our life and regret for not giving it our all? Are we going to be alumni believers in the kingdom or just those believers who slacked off and barely passed?

So imma celebrate in this cap and gown, but I cant wait to graduate and receive my crown!

unTITLED – Based on the scripture Mark 16:15, one thing is for sure B-Luv puts the gospel in this song.  Using the title name of “Untitled”, one can know exactly what he’s trying to get across; that he does not need a title from man, He’s for God, and that is where he gets his title from.  B-Luv  uses wordplay with the lyrics, “I’m just the Master’s piece working on a masterpiece.”.

Love of My Life can be easily misinterpreted as ONLY a love song towards your significant other.  That’s not the case; throughout the song he talks about getting intimate, being together knowing each other, and being pursued even with all the flaws. If the lightbulb in your head hasn’t gone off that this song is about his love for God, get it together! (Just kidding!) But seriously, it’s the desperate intentional love that is received from God guides us to live our life according to His Word. In the midst of this song it can go directly towards how to have a relationship with your significant other. To grow together, being intimate with the Lord together and alone, and to walk with each other through your struggles. This song truly speaks on the definition of Love and how it should be put into practice.

Grow – With the aid of Jai’s vocals, this song puts the perspective lesson of growing in Christ. B-Luv lets the listeners know that even through the rough times in life it can undoubtedly be used for your growth. He says, “What I considered suffering was the perfect cure.” This lyric furthers that life may be a test, but will be for your growth.

“It seems your nobody until somebody says you are, and success only exposes who you truly are…” B-Luv states in his ending song titled Success.Fear.Reflections. The song puts the listener in different moods as it talks about these three topics. It talks about success and the problems as a genre in the way we look at success. Success cannot be measured by worldly things; though he is not condemning success but it should be approached biblically. He talks about how he fears about failing and not having confidence to do what he is called to do. Having fear is destructive, but having faith is what gets him through the fears in the circumstances. Then the song transitions to B-Luv reflecting. (I must say, the production on this song is pretty outstanding. Really captures and lures in the listener.) He reflects on everybody who helped him in the process and the learning that came through the pain. Everything he earned is a result of God’s work. Having faith in Jesus comes at it’s cost with the stones being thrown, but everything we go through is for our growth.

Something that captured the overall experience of the album was that B-Luv always spoke about the gospel, I do not think he ever left it out in all 15 songs. As you listen you will know that B-Luv shares his heart out willingly throughout. His lyrics really hit home, and it’s evident that it’s very well thought out and put together. For B-Luv to put together his first debut album while not being signed to a label should send a message that he means business, Kingdom business that is.

Reviewed by: Trey Smith/ & David Saad/

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