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I fear God. I love God. Poet and creative writer. I love every type of art. I love different types of music. I have a hunger to see the world change. Co-founder at New H2O Clothing Company. Writer for NewH2O.

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  • pastors-money


    5 Pastors In America With Insane Net Worths

    The amount of megachurches in the United States has increased as well as the attendance in these churches. The heads of these churches and ministries are expected to be paid an income, however many receive far more than your traditional pastor’s salary. The net worth of certain pastors is well above $5 million. Many of […]

  • compassion


    Compassion International Is Being Forced Out Of India

    The persecution of Christians has never been more prevalent around the world than it is now. Compassion International, a Christian charity that allows people to sponsor children around the world says they are facing pulling out of India. The cause for this is that the Indian government is no longer allowing them to transfer money […]

  • single2


    Being Content with Singleness

    God created marriage to be a shadow or a small example of Christ’s love for the Church. He deeply values marriages, they can play a large role in a Christian’s life to help sanctify them and draw them closer to Christ. Marriage is a tool that God uses to draw us closer to Holiness, to […]

  • work


    Your Job Matters to God No Matter How Mundane

    We’ve all been there. Going through our workday day to day doing the same thing hour in and hour out. That’s when it hits you, you ask yourself, how can working here possibly matter to God? Why has God put me at this job that has nothing to do with building the kingdom? Does it […]

  • pastor


    Do Christians place pastors on a pedestal?

    The job of the pastor is to shepherd the flock, to lead and protect the church and to care for those in the church. The question remains, are our thoughts of our pastors too lofty? Yes, they are often the center of attention on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings, but pastors are still brothers in […]

  • digital1


    Should churches make more of an effort to go digital?

    In this day and age, under an increasingly digital world, is it a wise thing to do for churches to embrace the power of the internet? It seems, a lot of churches in their attempt to cater to the growing use of smartphones and technology are starting to embrace it. Only a few short years […]

  • millennial-bible-bw-1


    Why The Church Is Losing Millennials

    As millennials are growing up, the numbers of church attendance for this age group are dwindling at record breaking rates. Personally, being a part of this age group, this is something I can verify as the current trend. In a recent study from Pew Research Center, it shows that now more than one third of […]

  • relientklookonup

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    Relient K Releases Single ‘Look On Up’

    Relient K seems to always find a way to reinvent their sound and innovate their music as much as possible. One of the greatest Christian bands period, and well known in the secular world, Relient K has captured the hearts and ears of many. ‘Look On Up’ is a unique song speaking about God’s beauty, […]

  • loveriotnewsboys

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    Newsboys New Album ‘Love Riot’ Now Available For Pre-Order

    The Newsboys are back! This timeless Christian band has been releasing albums since 1988. The album titled ‘Love Riot’ is already poised to be another great album worthy of their progressive pop sound. ‘Love Riot’ is now available for pre-order on iTunes and other major music outlets. Official Track List 1.Crazy 2.Hero 3.Love Riot 4.Guilty […]

  • hereasinheavenalbumart

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    Elevation Worship Team Releases Worship Album ‘Here As In Heaven’

    Elevation Worship is the worship team for Elevation church in Charlotte, NC. The church is led by pastor Steven Furtick, and has been releasing their own worship albums with their own unique sound. ‘Here As In Heaven’ is no exception to their increasing complex and passion filled sound. You can find their music on iTunes […]

  • tfkincomplete

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    Thousand Foot Krutch Releases “Incomplete” Lyric Video

    One of the most successful and inventive Christian bands of all time is releasing a new album in 2016, still yet to be named. They have however released singles “Born Again” and “Incomplete”. They just released a lyric video for “Incomplete.” The song shows their willingness to experiment and innovate using old and new age […]