Angie Rose is becoming a consistent fixture in the NYC rap scene. “Bright Lights” is her second video released in just a matter of weeks, which features fellow NYC rapper Th3 Saga.

Bright Lights was produced by NYC native DJ-XRAY from JahRock’n Productions. He created a smooth and nostalgic feel that Angie fell in love with, marrying her vocals and lyrics to the track they created magic. As a special ingredient Th3 Saga blends his thoughts and emotions with Angie’s, which evokes an emotional response from anyone who listens.

Bright Lights is the story of the Saviors pursuit of Angie. In the song she sings, “Look up now darling, your Savior is a prayer away”. Angie’s put years of her life into one song in an attempt to illustrate the real change an encounter with Jesus can make.

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