andy mineo neverland alternate cover

The Neverland EP drops January 28th, 2014. Andy Mineo recently revealed an alternate cover that will ship with limited physical copies.

What do you think of the alternate cover?

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  1. Jo Choco

    I dont understand this cover. We got life, why associate your name, your music… To death ? I miss something ?

  2. Courtney Ezell

    Jo Choco I don’t either. And its crazy How ppl bring up reach records being associated with the industry and reach records says nah we’re not but they do the same skulls and bones bs like Jay and Bey smh. So I’m sooo confused as well. Why even do it?

  3. GabrielBallerini

    I think its an interesting choice, as the unmistakable one eye symbolism will stir up alot of talk about *sigh* illuminati connections…

  4. DMurray_1

    GabrielBallerini¬†Yeah, it really makes you think… Like, whats really going on? This on top of that “Wild Things” video. Theres enough of that in secular music, so why is it here also.


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