Lately Andy Mineo has been going pretty hard. He recently was on RapFix Live a few weeks back, started releasing tracks off his new EP Saturday Car-Tunez Season 2 and has created some buzz with him wanting to have a word with Kanye West.

Andy Mineo has encouraged fans not to write off his music just because he is a Christian. “I hope people listen to the music. Don’t write it off because there is a Christian doing it and it’s been labeled that way, because if I’m honest with you, Christian rap for the most part has been corny,” Mineo told MTV News earlier this month.

The full interview will air on and MTV Jams at 4 pm ET.

Do you agree with Andy and think most Christian rap is corny?

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  1. Kristen Rae

    At first was like why is he trying to get the approval of others but then thought about it. Ppl don’t give us Christians a chance to share something really good just because we’re Christians. There are a lot of dramatic Christians and old school Christians that make it hard for our generation to capture the worlds attention and share the gospel. we are labeled as boring and weird when some of us aren’t. People never give the art of dance, music, acting, ect a chance to express who God really is in an awesome crazy way. God is awesome and we want people to know who he is.

  2. J.r. Soria

    Andy mineo got bars Christian rappers aren’t mainstream we have to produce our product in a way the streets will understand but we can’t be ratchet talking like these mainstreams and cursing but we can talk about cursing selling and everything else we just do it a lil bit better, we are true lyricists anyone can make a cuss word rhyme with another try not cussing and rapping like if you were doing it for a Christian song it’s hard until you give yourself to god after that it’s easy

  3. Kenneth Townsell

    Na’ll I disagree, it’s a lot of corny rappers peroid. If you wack, you wack, if you good, you good. I can easily pick 10 christian rappers that’s better than any top 10 non christians anybody pick. They actually should be using their platform to show that it is dope christian artist and people would respect our genre more

  4. Kay Sade

    A lot of it is. But the way things are moving lately, Lord willing, it won’t always be that way.

  5. Anthony S. Walker

    im so upset with this brother. one of the most talented in his craft and to say something like that is quite ignorant. To keep it pithy, i think he is selling out.

  6. Norm Carrillo

    The main goal is to glorify God in and with your lyrics. I believe some of the mainstream artists out there are Christians also. And if you minister to Christians to lift them up, convict them, and or encourage them, you’ve done your job. Some of the unsaved may also turn to Christ because of the lyrics..

  7. Norm Carrillo

    Remember, Andy may not be as strong a Christian as we think he is or should be. Pray that he doesn’t compromise…

  8. TyronePope

    I disappointed with andy on his opinion and highly disagree I could nt comment cuz Facebook block me from that but here’s what I think just cause it’s corny to him doesn’t mean it’s corny to the next guy but come on if it’s praising God and the artist means it then it’s not corny let’s be honest any music coming from the heart and praising our father isn’t corny to him he’s just blessing the person for actually using time to tell the world about him and living to please him And I think Andy is trying to play the cool guy act cuz he makes Christian and says most of it’s corny so what do he think people who find this music corny think of his music this just my feedback on the post

  9. Jhaquise Shaquille Populo

    Most artists period are corny. The issue is that “Christian rap” is so small that 1 artist being corny is a higher percentage than one 1 in the secular realm, so it seems as if we have more corny artists. I would say, however, that Christian rap does have a higher standard as far as who the top artists are. In the secular arena artists like Waka Flocka can tour nationally. Artists of that quality won’t make it in the Christian arena. I think, while Andy has a point, we’re being a little too hard on ourselves.

  10. Esteban Pineda

    I believe Andy is maturing in his walk. He needs guidance, that’s all. He still think he does music. He’ll soon tap into worship. It just takes time. He’s good. But he’s not only that level.
    Many of the “corny” rappers he speaks of do tap into worship and if the purpose is to please God, there’s no level of “cool” or “corny.”
    I get his point on an “artistic” form but he’s speaking from the wrong platform. It takes time to mature, just like many of us. Give him time. #NotASuperhuman

  11. Carlos Cee-Los Smith

    His true fruits are coming out hes just exposing himself why would a so called Christian say its wack

  12. Marcus Addison

    The thing about hip hop in the Christian arena is that it is scrutinized a lot heavier than your run of the mill hip hop. Everything from production, lyrical prowess, and overall product is under a thick microscope simply because it has the “Christian” label.
    Making quality music is NOT AN EASY THING TO DO and any artist who attempts to do it should take that into consideration. Most “Christian hip hop” artist don’t take the entire package into consideration when going into it and end up having the “lame” connotation attached to them for their lack of attention to detail.
    I think Andy is looking at the entire package from presentation, artistry, individuality, production, and a sound message. If he’s basing his standards from that perspective, I’d have to agree.

  13. Marcus Addison

    This man’s view of the state of Christian hip hop has nothing to with the strength of his faith.

  14. Adrian Macias

    He said “has been” corny, not that it “currently is” corny. And yes it was corny. But in the last several years crazy good artist have emerged. But the label hasn’t changed. When I mention I listen to CHH, people look at me weird. But if I casually throw it on, and they get their heads bobbin and they ask who the artist is, I tell em. We need to stop rephrasing quotes to create drama out of them.

  15. Malekazi Stone Silondwa

    I dont think he’s sellin out bro!!!..a lot of christian rap has been corny!!…Its his opinion & I agree with it

  16. Michael Williams

    Nothing is cornier than spitting dope lines all your life and going to hell… I”ll stick with the hope and love and message of redemption of corny Christian rappers any day…0_0

  17. Clarence Clarks Mabiza

    I think he forgot folk like Lecrae, Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy, Trip Lee, KB, FLO, Thi’sl, GS, Bumps INF, Social Club…so no it’s not corny

  18. Oscar Spiffy Rivas

    I agree with the top comment, if you wack, you wack, if you dope, you dope.

  19. Oscar Spiffy Rivas

    christian or not, but CHH has been the best thing out there, it leaves people tripped out

  20. Bill Hutchison

    As a lifelong hip hop fan, I completely get what he’s saying, but at the same time I can understand why so many are upset. Lyricism, to me, will always be an art form. CHH is two-fold for me: Is it written cleverly and intelligently, and does it give a message that is biblically sound? A lot of it has been neither, or solely the latter. That is changing, though. I can’t help but listen with a critical ear, and to me, it’s not really fair to give every artist a free pass because they’re a Christian. That’d be like going to an art exhibit and oohing and aahing when you get to the Christian section even though the paintings are of stick figures.

  21. Patrick Teza Simz Chikoti

    2 things make the music corny:
    1. when the artist simply has no talent and you even wonder why he/she is even rapping
    2. when the artist is a recent convert to the faith and their mindset is still not totally transformed and they tend to rap like the world and their lyrics tend to be shallow….
    those 2 things can make the music corny

  22. Matthew Solis

    i don’t listen to radio where i live radio djs are no good. We lacking in GOOD MUSIC in the #RGV. Ilisten to rap an Christian rap as well. To say rappers are going to hell is a false statement. Most worship songs dont even mention Christ or any Word in there lyrics. Worship music needs a shakedown because this world is falling deeper into self rather than the Hand Of God

  23. Juan Guerra

    Andy needs to turn around or get cut off already. Sad to see him speak stupidly. Stupid album cover.

  24. Michael Williams

    Please reread my sentiment…some of you like the comment and it was wrong I had to edit it…

  25. I Heart Christian Hip-Hop

    I thought it was Jesus Over Hip-Hop? Shouldn’t care what people think as long as God is pleased. Corny? Don’t go on national tv & spit on the work of the PIONEERS of CHH. GRITS, T-BONE, Gospel Gangstaz, Lil Raskull, Cross Movement, The Ambassador, Richie Righteous, BB Jay, Pettidee, and the list goes on…if it wasn’t for God’s grace working through them you wouldn’t be on MTV.

  26. Marcus Addison

    Jesus over the hip hop culture….not over the art form itself, which should be presented in excellence either way. He didn’t even mention names. The statement, “for the most part” implies that there are a select number of cats who weren’t lame.

  27. docjonesmusic

    I mean he has a point. Alot of Christian Rap has been poorly produced. It’s a harsh statement that can be taken many different ways. I don’t think he was talking about CHH as a whole but those who may have given CHH a “corny” name by the way they’ve presented themselves.  It probably has made it harder for artists like Andy to reach the Hip Hop culture because of a stigma that has been burned into peoples minds. It’s kind of like evangelism, when I go out and build with unbelievers they automatically think I am judging because of the way other Christians have presented the gospel to them. I actually have to verbally explain that I come with a different gospel. I think thats a decent analogy.

  28. Ace DaTestimony

    If putting to much gospel makes it corny then we as corny as it comes Prince SonofaKing Danita Viera-Vega that’s why we not rappers we’re ministers case closed say what u want

  29. zarbor1026

    What Andy said is the truth. The bible says speak the truth in love and just because you are hurt by what a person says doesn’t mean they don’t love you or love you less. I don’t think it was ill intended what he said, just not wise in how he said it. He did not call out anyone by name so who is he really talking about? Exactly.

    Are there artist in the christian rap genre that are corny? Yes, unfortunately we have a number of them and they seem to be coming out every week. What do you mean by corny? Not sure what Andy meant but it clear that there are a number of so called christian rappers that don’t have the talent yet they feel that they are praising God with a joyful noise and its all good. Yes, it all good among your friends, family or even your local church but since we have the internet it can go worldwide now.
    Yes, they have the heart but not the talent. There is no shame in saying that and many of us need to willing to tell one another that…in love. Its funny how we don’t have the same amount of issues when it comes to (christian) singing. Overall, the internet helped Christian rap and in the same way it is hurting it. We probably would never knew that Andy existed if not for the internet but we have to sort thru a bunch of non-talented artist to find him.

  30. Peter Rodriguez

    I agree wrong choice of words… it just brings seperation… but his heart is innocent…. Some in the past said the same thing at one time… T-bone.. and he was referring to dc-talk and others… Yeah there needed to be better produced music…

  31. Peter Rodriguez

    but…i would choose to lift the industry up… rather than bring out the negative in CHH


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