Andy Mineo Responds to MTV Interview Critics | News

January 15, 2014


Andy Mineo Responds to MTV Interview Critics | News

Andy took to his Tumblr to respond to critics regarding his upcoming MTV interview. People have been up in arms since Andy described most Christian rap as being corny.

Here is Andy’s response:

Today my first major MTV interview is airing! I’m excited about it, but, I also want to share a few things w those tuning in. Those interviews are so tough. So much is running through my mind as I think through how to navigate each answer on the spot. I’m constantly pondering how to be honest, faithful, considerate of all parties watching and biblically accurate. All while knowing everything is being recorded and can and will be scrutinized by the internet. Simply put, there’s a lot of pressure and never enough time to fully explain each statement. I am not beyond making mistakes. I can and will. I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully to consider my audience better in this interview. I’m learning. My apologies go out to anyone who may be offended by some of my statements on air. I appreciate those that have taken the time to call out error in love. Pray for me as I continue to grow and learn to be an effective missionary in hip hop culture.

Love y’all. (source:

Props to Andy for coming forward and apologizing to those offended. I agree with Andy in saying that being on the spot like that is hard to choose your words carefully when things are moving fast-paced on live TV.

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  1. Jorge L Rodriguez Jr.

    not gonna lie i got offended was pretty upset about it

  2. Alvin Ramee'

    why call them critics... if he apologized maybe he realized he was wrong.

  3. Alvin Ramee'

    However, I agree there are much more corny rappers than I would like yet there are to many corny singers also so hey... go figure

  4. Arlyon JaXon


  5. Arlyon jaXon

    #respect I'm down with AM. He's honest. People make mistakes.

  6. Jorge L Rodriguez Jr.

    Thats right i agree

  7. Carlos Williams

    Yea. I'm a fan and an artist. I think we've come a long way from being corny.

  8. Chrys Jones

    Glad for the apology.. there are also corny "non" Christian rappers out there too. Go to any high school and ask who the best rapper is lol.

  9. Michael Lee

    Can't hate on Andy for being HONEST. But glad he apologized. That's a lot of pressure.

  10. Okezie K. Adim-Madumere

    We should be concerned about the content and the spiritual significance of what he is producing (good or bad) not this response. Cuz let's be real, some of it is wack. We also need to delve into the purpose of music, if it doesn't lead back to God its foolishness, straight up.....

  11. Serstillen

    Well for the most part Andy is right. Most Christian labeled rap has been terrible and corny. Frankly most of it hasn't been real either. Growing up in section 8 and loving hiphop (in the 80's and 90's) I would never touch Christoan rap as it was garbage. Groups like Cross Movement began breaking the mold around 1997 but didn't come close to breaking into the secular world much or at all (and they were good). Now the torch is being carried by Lecrae, Andy (other reach record dudes), Da Truth and opening doors for many others to make good hip hop music with a message (which is what it should be labeled rather than Christian--lots of baggage and expectations from both non-Christians and Christians.)

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