When Sway asked us the question if Andy is the future of hip-hop, I couldn’t help but ponder on that question.  If that question was asked 2-3 years ago or even when Heroes For Sale dropped I don’t think I would have had the same reaction. I’m not saying Andy isn’t incredibly talented or that he hasn’t added value to CHH. I’m saying he has grown into an artist that nobody could have even imagined.

In just 7 songs he takes us on a full-blown gut wrenching, fist pumping, heart melting, head bobbing, laughter filled extravaganza. The first time I listened to this project I couldn’t believe how interesting Andy made each and every song. The thought and creativity is something I haven’t really experienced in Christian hip-hop before.

I know I’m not the only person who had to Google “paisano” or “Paganini”. I love that Andy introduced us to lyrics we didn’t fully understand on the first try and that he exposed us to some of his cultural ties. It’s interesting how Andy describes his struggle between his relationship with God and his newfound fame. All We Got is a heart-felt example of how Andy dissects the struggles and the thoughts that conflict him. Songs like these give us a glimpse that artists like Andy Mineo are just as human as the audience and we immediately connect.

Even though this EP was supposed to only “hold us over”, I feel it is his strongest material yet. If this is just a taste of what’s to come then we are definitely going to have amazingly high expectations for his next project.

Sway in The Morning Interview [Warning: Some explicit language from some of the callers]

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