Sway had Andy Mineo on his morning show the other day. Andy performed “Never Land” and “You Can’t Stop Me” live along with a freestyle. Sway and his crew seemed to really enjoy Andy and so did the callers.

[Warning: Some explicit language from some of the callers]

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  1. Brenin Anthony

    I saw it. I laughed when the people who called to say that they are going to support Andy cussed. It was like sinners listening to Christian music for the first time and support Andy in profanity.

  2. Nick Chow

    I agree but also that’s just how some people talk. That’s their language. To them it’s not cussing, it’s just a part of who they are.

  3. Brenin Anthony

    True Nick and I agree with you 100% I just hope one day they’ll stop the profanity and live for Jesus

  4. Nick Chow

    Brenin Anthony I believe they will. They need the Holy Spirit to be convicted, otherwise they will just keep sinning and not feel a thing.

  5. Johnny Noble

    I like Andy just wished NY artist quit sounding like they from the south.. Nothing against the south just it all sound the same to me ..

  6. Michael Starr

    this was the best hip hop interview I have ever seen. I was a big fan of yo mtv raps back in the day, and none of those interviews can compare to this. Andy Mineo brings his A game wherever he goes, and he doesn’t put Jesus in his back pocket like other Christian’s of late.


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