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September 30, 2011


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  1. lloyd

    outstanding mixtape!!

  2. John Alexander

    I am so thankful for the 116 clique and its obvious there in house gift of discernment. The artist starting with Lecrae have all found the connection in the passion God has gifted to them.All which is no comparison to the passion Christ showed us at the cross. Its amazing to see when something comes together like this, and I am so thankful of Andy's signing.. Confirmation is all over what reach records does.. I Love all you Brothers and am thankful that you have obeyed and been men who Bow Down to Authority.. Love the MAN up Album, And everything 116 is about... The mixtape is just another gift that when unwrapped presents the gospel to those willing to hear. Faith comes by hearing the word of God!!!!Brother in Christ...

  3. jesus boy

    cant download

    • Nick

      Just tested the download link and it seems to be working fine.

  4. Pilgrim116

    Wow! Grace, Gospel, Light, Rep the King, Glory for Christ; this album has it! This album is incredible with talent and lyrics. I can't believe its free to the public to download. I would pay top dollar for an album like this on the market. A blessing to have.

  5. TakeDaCity777

    I cannot explain how this mixtape blew my mind. Andy! keep up your work. Be blessed brother.

  6. 242

    Can't download either. It stops after a couple MB

  7. Bhuty

    Bro, i wanna download this sooo much bt the download link aint workin. some help :)VERY GOOD ALBUM ! Stay Blessed !!!

    • Nick

      What's the error you are getting?

  8. TakeDaCity777

    Its cause the mixtape is to anointed.

  9. jonblaq

    fam this cat is bananas well put together with clever rhymes and insight beyond the norm , need more artists like this spreading Gods word! must have mixtape!

  10. Glenn Woods


  11. Trae Michaels

    Hey man, album stops downloading after about 12 % everytime? help please??

    • Trae Michaels

      cancel that., worsk fine :) stay blessed!

  12. AnetriaDonya

    So going to download this album. Andy Mineo we missed you at the concert in Houston, TX yesterday (Oct 22nd). I though you were supposed to be apart of the line up. Your boys held it down, came and delievered the "good news" as always. Glory to be God, and bless you all.

  13. Derrell Turner

    Great mixtape. Nice beats and a great word. Keep letting God use you. Stay Relevant. Stay Encouraged. Stay Blessed!

  14. Lindsey

    Is there any way to download this and burn it to a CD? I was able to download it to my computer but i would really like to be able to listen to it in my car or on my phone. Amazing mixtape !! god bless.

    • seyyer

      yes there is go to youtube-mp3.org copy paste the youtube link into youtube-mp3 box and download...

  15. Pastor Randy

    Best Mixtape by far. Better than most artists albums. Finally on REACH so expect better

  16. david faison jr

    andy mineo micheal jackson is hot

  17. Jeezy

    this is one of the dopest albums of the year

  18. frogers


  19. Evin Paul Daniel

    cant download in media fireits not even startin up

    • Nick

      Just checked it out and it seems good now. Possible mediafire had some issues. All looks good now.

  20. kristal

    I cant download it!! :(

  21. Hope

    awesome mixtape I've been listening to every day for week straight!

  22. DGW (Doing God's Will)

    Ma dude andy is too fresh for his own good.

  23. Kares

    My mind is literally blown that this is available to download for free! Awesome mixtape!!! Great Job =)

  24. DebSmith10

    One of my fav mixtapes!!! Foolsgold is a BANGER!!!

  25. b-bitez

    is truely an every day thang

  26. Felipe Silva

    God bless brother, I'm loving the new ministry!!

  27. Songshub

    Guys just sharing, I've found this interesting! Check it out! https://songshub.org/


    Says that it can no longer be downloaded for copyright reasons

    • NickChow

      @CHRISTorNOTHIN link was updated, try now.

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