Beats Music put together a playlist called #KnuckleUp for the World Cup. Andy Mineo’s song “You Can’t Stop Me” is featured alongside artists: Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake, and a ton other mainstream artists.

Beats Music states:  We wanted to show our support for the US Men’s National Team. So we did it the best way we know how, a custom playlist fistful of triumphant hip-hop. Knuckle up!

Check out the full playlist here:

More and more we are seeing CHH artists used in mainstream avenues. Do you think CHH is on the brink of infiltrating mainstream culture?

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  1. Michael Fields

    Depends on the quality of the music. But if both the music is good and the message is relevant and the person(s) are truly anointed then it can have a lasting effect.


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